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14 June 2019


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W. Patrick Lang

Let me know if this works.

Barbara Ann

The comments seem to be back, but are no longer 'threaded'. This means conversations are not nested and you can't reply to others' comments. This appears to be easy to fix and the Typepad help says the following:

Typepad Connect Comments Display

Enable Typepad Connect Comments to set up Threaded comments or a numbered list of comments. These options will only appear with Typepad Connect enabled.

    Threaded - With Threaded comments, you will be able to reply to individual comments, and the replies will appear indented below the comment.
    List - A List of comments will appear in the order added by date. Listed comments have the option to be numbered.



Seems to be working now.


First, they are not "engineers."
Second, this is typical internet "amateur hour."
Bunch of kids who read "Coding for Dummies" thinking that they can actually implement a system.


What happened yesterday with the comments, that it was impossible to view them, is a permanent feature when I use my mobile phone device....A Huawei, of course, by quality/prize relation....
I am not a millionaire, like you in America....


It´s really annoying how all these people disrupt blogs and conversations whenever they fell like to do it.

I tend to think the worst about why this really happens...The more seeing the beahvioir of US IT corporations in relation to the Tech War against China..

May be you will have to migrate to an Eastern system when it will be available in the future to guarantee a bit of continuity without permanent disruptions which mess it all up.

The Thread about Gramsci and the Buttigiegs, which had an interesting conversation not os frequent here, got completely messed up, without knowing now who is responding to whom...Awful...

Complaints to this Marilyn...I guess...
Marilyn... what? Monroe?...


Well, now I am seeing that comments can now be viewed also on my Huawei mobile device...

Thus, we have lost some capabilities and gained others...Now I will be able to follow you on route too.

Not perfect, but I guess we must thank "Marilyn", the engineer, for this effort....

Thanks a lot, Marilyn!

different clue

Till recently comments-in-reply to another comment were indented and headed by " X said in reply to Y" . . .

It looks like that feature no longer exists. Is it just a problem with my computer screen and system here, or is it a revision of the Comments System to eliminate that particular form and feature?



Did you get rid of Disqus because of cost or some other reason?

W Patrck Lang

Disqus became more and more controlling and wating you to accecpt their view of what society should be.

Barbara Ann

Good morning Colonel.

Re the restoration of blog comments, is there any reason why the 'threaded' capability (which allows replies to other comments and nests them in 'conversations') cannot be restored also? I am no Typepad expert, but it appears to be a simple matter of enabling "Typepad Connect Comments" and selecting "Threaded" format. IMO this capability enhanced the blog and if there is no reason not too I would be in favor of restoring it, if this is possible.

Barbara Ann

Normal service is resumed! Thanks Colonel.

different clue

Ahh. . . . it looks like the "reply" feature has returned to us. If this comment nests indented under my own comment just above it, then it has come all the way back to us.

If so, that is a good thing.

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