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10 June 2019


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IMO, the takeaway from Solomon's article isn't very dissimilar to what Larry's saying here. His main thesis is that the Mueller team, by omitting Kilimnik's legitimate history with US diplomats, portrayed him nefariously, to appear as a suspicious link between Russia and the Trump campaign.

From the article:

Three sources with direct knowledge of the inner workings of Mueller’s office confirmed to me that the special prosecutor’s team had all of the FBI interviews with State officials, as well as Kilimnik’s intelligence reports to the U.S. Embassy, well before they portrayed him as a Russian sympathizer tied to Moscow intelligence or charged Kilimnik with participating with Manafort in a scheme to obstruct the Russia investigation.


This is what Andrew Weissman said at Manafort's sentencing, referring to Kilimnik:
"This goes, I think, very much to the heart of what the special counsel’s office is investigating. And in 2016. there is an in-person meeting with someone who the government has certainly proffered to this court in the past, is understood by the FBI, assessed to be — have a relationship with Russian intelligence, that there is [redacted]. And there is an in-person meeting at an unusual time for somebody who is the campaign chairman to be spending time, and to be doing it in person."

It was a dodgy statement then - as Kilimnik was Manafort's business partner and so there was nothing unusual or sinister that they should have an "in-person" meeting - but even dodgier now. The FBI's "assessment" appears to be based on a statement by a single IRI employee which was contradicted by others.


Not a symbol source surely, but it would be interesting to learn how they characterized him in their reporting and the classifications they placed on it.
I'm also interested in how the FBI characterized Steele administratively when the reality appears to be that he was a political huckster in it for glory but mostly for dough whose identity was known across the Beltway. Seems nobody took the trouble to make the rounds to ask "did you get that from Christopher too?"


I read somewhere that the State Dept. has an "intelligence" unit.
When I saw Solomon's piece, I wondered if the State Dept. was getting into the clandestine collection business.
Larry cleared it up.


It's pretty obvious that the FBI (Famous But Incompetent) with their sloppy "coup" attempt is too inept to perform the simplest check.
It seems that the only response we have to Russian and Chinese intelligence is to hope that they die...... of laughter....at the FBI keystone kops.


a likely candidate for that State Dept. "intelligence" unit would probably be this (amusingly found by googling literally "State Dept. has an "intelligence" unit") ...


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