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12 June 2019


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Ho hum, narcissistic personality disorder.


The short version is Sara is a Bi**h. I have attended several receptions in Israel that Sara was sponsoring. She is extremely demeaning to staff and so pompous to the point of it being hard not to vomit. I can remember one situation where she ordered a staff member to get her some wine and when it was delivered Sara turned quickly to the left to say something and some wine slopped over on to her hand. She let go with an extremely ugly and loud diatribe at the woman who delivered the wine blaming her when it was clearly Sara's fault. She must of mentioned that she was the Prime Minister's wife and his right hand political consultant at least 25 times in a 2 hour period.

Another time a waiter was bring around a tray of drinks, Sara demanded that he leave the other side of the room and serve her first. In case you are wondering, I cannot stand either Sara or Bibi.


It must be hard being a "statesman"'s wife.

It must be hard to be a "statesman" and subsist on a politicians income.

Absurd that someone so critically important to the world would have to make do with a millionaire's lifestyle when by rights they should, at a minimum, have a billionaires lifestyle.

How is Sheldon more deserving? What has he done for Greater Israel in comparison?

I can see how galling this must be for them.


Sara convicted.




Looks like the plea deal is a closed case. She'll have to pay $15,277 in the deal reached between her lawyers and the prosecutor.

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