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08 June 2019


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"His strategy alarmed business executives"
It's almost as if the children of "business executives" don't have to compete for jobs with illegal immigrants.
Here's the State Department's English language version of the US-Mexico Joint Declaration on immigration.

"The United States and Mexico will lead in working with regional and international partners to build a more prosperous and secure Central America to address the underlying causes of migration, so that citizens of the region can build better lives for themselves and their families at home"

You can read a lot into that statement.


Ahem! He did cock it up a bit on the Irish border/wall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhj_79tPd-s

All Ireland bowed its head into its hands and cried, "Sweet Jesus!"


begob, well, maybe the Irish ought to sort this out for themselves?

The Twisted Genius

Fred, when did the SJWs take over the Trump administration? I didn't realize that "regional strategy" thing was part of US strategy for months before this agreement. I thought Trump wanted to do just the opposite by cutting aid to the region. Oh well, I'm glad it's there and I hope Trump can come up with a better way of implementing that strategy than what's been done in the past.

The Twisted Genius

begob, Trump didn't cock up the Irish border situation. That is all on the Brits and the EU. All Trump did was make boorish comments about it.


Pat, the way he keeps hammering in his core self and publicly established image makes me sick. Or maybe tired.

Does that show I should be treated for TDS?

I love the Brits, let them leave, let them create a wall between North and South in Ireland. We'll see, indeed.


Yes, you have TDS. He is typical of his people - New York City creatures.


All - someone explain what is required for US accession to the agreement in terms of "Fast Track."


The SJW have been part of the government establishment for some time.
" I hope Trump can come up with a better way of implementing that strategy than what's been done in the past."

I do too and a big part of that will have to be all those capable people staying in thier own countries and making them better; but that is hard work. Who wants to do that when they can get a free ride elsewhere? A recent public posting by a the Mexican investigative journal Contralínea points to a big part of the problem:

It was reported on some conservative outlets but it didn't get much traction in the press.

If that problem were fixed a lot of people would voluntarily return home.


The one piece I do know about fast track is it is a yes or no vote in Congress. There is no tinkering allowed to the actual agreement. What the democrats might do is demand separate legislation get passed only binding on the US in order for them to vote yes. I don't remember Trump being given fast track authority for this trade agreement. As all branches of govt were held by Republicans at the time I assume he did get it but did I miss it?


"New York City creatures", let me try to wrap my head around this. I don't to be a fan of the NYC type of business V.I.Ps, but celebrate them as deal makers, once they are US president. And if I do not, I am suffering from TDS.

Not that I ever worried about such matters, though.

English Outsider

The only grown up in the room, how it came across to me. The room in question being spacious and containing the current sad crop of European politicians from Merkel to May.

The Irish border issue happens to be contentious. It was used all sorts of ways by just about everyone and worst of all, I'm ashamed to say, by HMG. Trump just eased along and uttered a few soothing platitudes. Nothing much to be read into it - except maybe he's not going to use the issue to score points back home. Hope Pelosi takes note but doubt it.



NY City people are a different species of genus homo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo

English Outsider

"I love the Brits ..." Reciprocated, LeaNder.

Better be careful saying that out loud in Euroland. I recollect you narrowly escaped lynching in the comment section of "UNZ". Just at the moment you might not be so lucky in Cologne.

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