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18 June 2019


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We should start referring to the Persian Gulf as the " Gliewitz Gulf". Trump wouldn't get it, of course. Would Pompeo and Bolton get it? The level of their anger upon hearing "Gliewitz Gulf" would indicate the amount of their getting it.

This is a good time for any Democratic Nomination-pursuer to start running explicitly on having America re-enter the JCPOA and also on declaring non-belief in the building "Iran Diddit" narrative. Such Democrats could use phrases like " Remember the Slam-Dunk?" . . . " Remember the Powell UN Speech?" " Remember the Yellowcake?" . . . " Remember the Curveball?"

The Catfood Democrats all support the Iran Diddit narrative. But 3 of the Decent Democrats might well oppose it. Gravel and Gabbard would certainly oppose it. Sanders "could" oppose it in public if he is willing to take a Las Vegas gamble.

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