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23 June 2019


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Jim Ticehurst


Osama Bin Laden was Held Accountable..I am sure He Got "FIRED" I recall that it was NOT the IC that Refused to Issue Search Warrants For the Terrorists trainng to Fly Commercial Planes in the United States PRIOR to 9/11 ,,,It was The Legal Attorneys at the FBI..Had they issued Agents the Warrants..There would have been no 9/11..And Why NO Warrants....? Well..people may have lost their Jobs..for"" PROFILING.."" Politicians RULE..And the Money that buys them...


Hmm. I thought the full-spectrum attack on Iran was to take out the so-called "weak node" of Eurasian integration, much like the hybrid/lawfare attack on Lula was designed to take the weak node (not counting SA) out of BRICS.

Isn't this nuke shadow play in Iran just a cover story to keep Bibi happy and to attempt to destroy China's BRI before it can truly integrate Eurasia?

My sense is that the US military isn't quite so fully delusional to start a shooting war with Iran, though the B-team is working on that, no doubt.


More geopolitical anti-US claptrap. A master plan, eh? Is Dr. Moriarty behind this? You just refuse to understand that the US military will execute a presidential attack order with precision but will not attack on its own except in self defense.


There is not a fatwa against nuclear technology, just nuclear weapons, which have many civilian applications that Iran has been pursuing. AEC was set up to encourage globally, including in the Shah's Iran, peaceful use of nuclear technology. Nuclear medicine comes to mind.


This suggests one could get right up to the breakout line (but not cross) and be within the fatwa. It certainly would be in Iran's interest to do so (and to creep there as uncertainty works in their favor). particularly if they were to leverage existing design work (North Korea?) - the design work would be on the wrong side of a fatwa against a nuclear weapons program.

As to whether stockpiling nuclear materials is against the fatwa I suspect not as long as they have other uses. But that is a very specific islamic legal question for which I have no expertise.


You're correct, but remember that the CIA never told the FBI that the hijackers were already in the country.
CIA, FBI, ABC, XYZ..... - all part of the massive clusterfuck that is the government.

Stephen McIntyre

A few years ago, I attended a presentation in Erice on Iran nuclear program by Richard Garwin, a co-developer of hydrogen bomb and very prominent physicist active both as US government consultant and in nuclear war avoidance. As I recall, he explained that enrichment of uranium to weapons grade (not permitted) used exactly the same centrifuges as were used for enrichment of natural uranium to reactor grade (permitted). Also that, as of that time ~2014, Iran had no intention of producing weapons grade uranium. He was in favor of the deal. I found him very persuasive.

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