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16 June 2019


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polysciprof, is that an alternative term for the idea of multiple people using the same email-address, or as I suggested alternatively, a synonym for someone suffering from a Dissociative Identity Disorder, maybe?

Never been anything but a babbling curious nitwit. Surely no pro. Way too many self-propagating know everything or guardians of the one and only truth (polyprofessionals) around for my taste. That's true.


You tell me where these ideas worked. Socialism and communism have failed consistently...and always seems to lead into a dictatorship. Air go...Venezuela. You think this policies are so great move to those countries that impose these ideals. And don't give me Sweden or other countries that are always mentioned how Socialism has worked. Do some research and you will see they needed to in cooperate capitalism into their society because there economy was failing. Let me guess you are a millennial..the entitled generation. Everything to be handed to them. I'm sorry I am terrified of these ideals. And if need be...if a civil war is necessary I will take up arms and fight tooth and nail for the constitution of the US

Barbara Ann

Lars, you say:

"As long as capitalism is defined as increasing or keeping market share, rather than innovating, the support for it will deteriorate. When you spend more money on lobbying than on R&D, you are making yourself more irrelevant."

OK, so who exactly should dictate the correct proportion of money spent on lobbying vs. R&D - the state? And the state also determine who stays relevant, according to its own definition of the term presumably?

Alternatively, how about a system where the instant the market becomes aware of your irrelevance it allocates capital efficiently elsewhere. Capitalism is not defined by obsession with market share, it is the Darwinian process of allocating capital to where it is most profitable - i.e. to companies who get the balance of market share focus vs. R&D focus about right.

You are correct that support for this imperfect system does wane from time to time. Candi's quote above is instructive, it includes "I believe in community ownership of land, labor, resources and distribution of those resources". Well I'm sure her belief system suits her just fine, but I'd rather be guided by history when deciding how a nation should best create wealth.



What beach do you go to? Ever seen the movie, "Behold a pale horse?"


morongobill - Don't know her heritage but she looks like one of those people of Spanish blood down in SW Colorado who have been there 400 odd years and never mixed much with people outside their community.


hallabina - Your e-mail address is "Yolande of Jerusalem." Sounds like you submit your nonsense to your boss and they transmit it. Do they pay you by the word if you get a response? That is the usual pattern


Modern "communists" are almost entirely a product of the western New Left of the 1960s, and should not be confused with the revolutionary communists in the 20th century that overthrew nearly 2 thirds of the world who are now extinct.

This is the "communism" of spoiled college educated bobo brats, and the proletariat is nowhere in sight.


Foxbat - Oh, bullshit! Open your eyes.


Lenore of Jerusalem or whatever the moniker is. Well, this response will get you a few golden grickels from your bosses, probably in Israeli Foreign Ministry hasbara affairs. IMO the film is Gregory Peck's best role and the movie was fine but the subject was so obscure that hardly anyone in America was interested. The criticism was not political.

David Solomon

I had forgotten about that movie. After you mentioned it I remembered that I enjoyed it very much. Personally, I never much liked Gregory Peck (although my wife always has). However, I almost always enjoy Anthony Quinn and Omar Sharif.


Yolande of Jerusalem - I am not paid to run SST. If people send me gifts they are not fees. If they do not send me gifts they receive the same service as you do. No other individual or group pays me anything.

David Solomon

Hallabina, your reply to Colonel Lang seems to assume that he is paid. I am certain that is absolutely not true. I believe he uses donations to support the cost of operating this site.


Came across this the other day ( https://www.metafilter.com/181458/The-Kids-Are-All-Red ):

A: "We should become socialist like European countries."
B: "That's not socialism! They're capitalist countries with strong social welfare policies!"
A: "Well, let's adopt those policies then."
B: "No! That's socialism!"

Another quote from the given link:

Socialism does not imply authoritarianism. Socialism does not necessitate communism. Socialist policies do not necessitate socialism. Social democracy exists.

American social democracy (although in American context this seems to come out as "democratic socialism" although they rarely talk about actually replacing capitalism, which has traditionally been the defining distinction between social democrats and democratic socialists) has its problems when it comes to messaging, but even a cursory reading would reveal there are several major issues that are important for the American socialists. For example:

Universal healthcare that is free at the point of delivery (be it through medicare for all or some other scheme)
Unionization and worker's rights in general (including things like increased federally mandated minimum wage and parental leave)
Reducing the destructive effects of global climate change
More effective regulation of the financial system

I believe many Millennials, when talking about socialism, are just talking about the four major points above. The are supporting the AOCs and Bernies in the world so they can build a system where they can get through college without crushing debt, where a bad roll of the 'health care' dice doesn't mean bankruptcy, where then can build a small business and still pay for health care.

Many boomers assume that the world they grew up is the same one the Millennials are dealing with today. Millennials have valid complaints and I don't see how they are being fixed or answered. When I went to University I was able to pay my own way through a combination of farm work during summer(s) and my reserve duty (no form of GI Bill for me, just the reserve pay). That route would result in student debt for today's students. The option my nephew has taken ( full time US Army MOS 12N ) is an option but I'm not sure that he will keep his focus for getting that four year degree...


Your description of capitalism sounds good in theory, but the reality is different. Thus, we have ended up with the best political system money can buy. The problem is that an increasing amount of people deem it unsustainable and they are probably right. There is a wide discussion about how to fix it, if it can be fixed. Most idealized remedies typically fail when coming in contact with reality. Add political passion to the mix and you will have a real mess.

We may very well face those "interesting times".



Ms. DeBaca has no clue regarding the Communism she so cheerfully embraces.

Bet she doesn't know that her beloved Communism in just a short 100 year span murdered 100 Million people around the globe.

65 Million in China

30 Million in the former Soviet Union

2 Million in Cambodia

2 Million in North Korea

1.7 Million in Africa

1.5 Million in Afghanistan

1 Million in the Eastern Bloc

1 Million in Vietnam

150,000 in Latin America

She has no clue regarding the Monster known as Communism and what it has done to its victims.


Terry Bell

Castro? Maduro? Every Russian leader before their collapse. Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Never has worked and won't. It's for those who believe in 'people will till the soil, and gain prosperity' This is pure nonsense, those most inclined to believe in Communism, are those who depend on government to fund their lives, with welfare, food stamps, housing, and health care.

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