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16 June 2019


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Brennan's hiring and rise in the CIA certainly says something about "security" in the Fed and "counterintelligence" is actually non intelligence.


The reason socialists and communists are capturing minds is because the oligarchy (aka our traitorous ruling class) has sold out the native working class for the past 40 years (since St. Regan), impoverishing and immiserating them while grabbing more and more of the pie for their greedy psychopathic selves.

As long as we have a ruling class that holds native American working class people in contempt, feels no obligation or duty towards them, this trend will continue. Apparently the Democrap party mantra is like this:

"Brown people good, white people bad;
Illegal immigrants good, citizens bad;
Women and trans people good, men bad."

Because the whole political process is a controlled show, by people who lie habitually, and who are devoted to maintaining the status quo which maintains their and their patrons' status. No flipping wonder people are fed up and mad.

John Minnerath

When Brennan voted for Gus Hall (CPUSA) in '76 does anyone know if he was actually a member of CPUSA?
Or was it a stupid college student "protest" vote?


"By Any Means Necessary" is also the name of a leftwing political group.

"CdeBaca wrote an extensive thank you message to her supporters June 5 on Facebook."
"The crazy, insane idea to run against an 8 year incumbent being groomed for mayor in the most expensive district—with no plan, no team, nada—-we made it happen!"
Capitalism is a failed system (that created companies like Facebook!), once I'm in charge (I'll collectivize Facebook?) Free stuff for all my supporters! See ya after Juneteenth! You got all the victim groups identified. Congratulations. Capitalism failed so badly in America that millions are marching here. I wonder what system they use back home?

I also wonder what the vote rate of "undocumented" residents was.
"A driver’s license or identification card issued to not lawfully present and temporarily lawfully present individuals under Part 5 of Article 2 of Title 42, C.R.S." I'm sure those driver's licenses say "not lawfully present individual" somewhere on them.


John Minnerath - First met him when I was DATT in Saudi at Jiddah and he was a flunky analyst working for Alan Feiers who was then COS in the same embassy. He and his boss were two of the nastiest pieces of work I had seen in a long career.

jon stanley

because SOME of the things you note are valid, to some extent, sometimes, by some elites, it is justification for picking a dictatorial system to support? If so, then the 'native working class' will get what they deserve.

Eugene Owens

I never understood why Gus Hall, the son of Finn immigrants, continued to pimp for Stalin after the VVS bombed civilians in Helsinki and Vyborg during the Soviet-Finn War. He probably lost some cousins there. Didn't he ever get a pang of conscience?


JFK unionized public employees. That is your new power base; the public sector unions. It is critical to distinguish between government tax dollar paid workers and private sector workers.

One cannot lump the "working class" together for these politically strategic reasons. Two very different power structures. Even though they are both workers. One group of workers bargain with elected public officials; the other group of workers bargains with private industry management.


A cooperative run by citizens for their mutual benefit is a greater good.
Often private interests use government coercion to prevent such activities.
Government control requires coercion and is often evil and incompetent.
Empty headed do gooders are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.


Sbin Can something the size of GM be run that way? How about a chain of restaurants? Should chains like McDonalds be allowed to run on franchises? Do you not fear the Cheka and the dictatorship of the proletariat. Was Marxim-Leninism good for people in the Warsaw Pact?


But, what is wrong with the dictatorship of the proletariat when you are already in a dictatorship of the corporations and financial capital?

And no a voice is heard about the falseness of the oath of the presidents of the USA, going back to ... you put the date ....

OTOH, Fred, Faceebook and Twitter are already kinda collectivized, if by that we understand nationalized to be put at the service of the state, the same as Microsoft, and all other IT corporations involved in the trade war against China..... What Trump and the current US government forced them to do goes against the rules of free trade ... I do not know if there is anything about that also in the Constitution of the United States....

Anyway, I do not think that a politician of socialist or communist tendency has necessarily to promote a dictatorship of the proletariat in the world in which we live today, the least in the USA qith its own characteristics...

Stop being so afraid, men, with so bad things are going, maybe you should consider giving an opportunity to new people of other political ideas, this time socialists, once ultraliberales and neo-conservatives, who have shaped last presidencies, completely discredited....



No he did not. You might want to correct your facts and then read up on Janus V. AFSME.


Hallabina - You are a Communist. Admit it. Your crap about how bed things are in the States is exactly the kind of thing I used to hear from Communist propagandists all over the world. We do NOT want to live in a tyranny and this is not one. If it were I would long ago have been imprisoned.


Well, being you a Colonel and taking into account your background, I will not admit anything if it is not in the presence of my lawyer ....
Now, seriously, if support for a more equitable distribution of wealth in the world, human rights, public and universal education and health, and housing accessible to all, care for infrastructure and the environment, plus respect for the international law in foreign policy and opposition to offensive military alliances, makes a communist of me, I may be one ...

For the rest, I do not militate in any party and I vote for the one I see more in favor of my interests, and not even that, according to some of my most burgueoisied friends, voting for left parties goes against my own interests ... but, of course, I have not the heart to not do it ... nor am I so greedy ...

Contrary to what it seems to be your case, i would not mind livving in another system, if not for to try something different. The balance after so many years of capitalism, especially this savage one in these last decades dones not seem to favor the humam being, at least not the majority of humans, and the prospect fron where I am does not look too attractive...I would like to have a chance, first to survive, which does not seem too factible due who is at the helms right now in some nuclear powers, and second to develop my human personal qualities in harmony with many others enjoying the same possibilities to do the same...

An inequal world will have always had the same features we are witnessing today, or even worse, once environmental or economic conditions worsen a bit more...

May be your prospect is shorter than mine, and, in that vein, I understand your conservatism, as I understand the extrem fear behind my burgueoisied friends, but I am willing to risk for a better future for all...



Facebook is collectivized? You mean you don't own as much as Mark Zuckerberg nor that you have just as much influence running that company as Sheryl Sandburg, thus you put a new meaning to the word collectivized. " completely discredited", which is why all those people keep coming here.


Hallabine - Well, "Yolande of Jerusalem." You be a Communist and I could care less what you a think.


Hallabina, Please give us an idea of your current net worth so we may better access how much you're putting at risk. I'm guessing not much.


The people of Hong Kong are showing immense courage in standing up to the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party. They understand what is at stake when they lose what limited liberty they have.


Some 1.6 million protesting for days. That would be the equivalent of 50 million Americans out on our streets. We never protested the unPatriot Act, or mass surveillance or the neocon lies. Would we easily slide with limited dissent to either a fascist or communist dictatorship? It seems we're sliding into a Deep State stranglehold with nary a peep.


Collectivists of today have a lot more history to refer to than did their predecessors. That they refuse to acknowledge the greater degree of failure and oppression of their chosen economic systems when compared to capitalism shows a want of objective and rational thinking. It's puzzling when Sweden, with a population that's less than 1/30th of the US, is cited as an exemplar, as if extrapolation of a tiny, more-homogeneous country is a practicable comparison.

Bottom line (pun intended): Utopians are envious, irrational ideologues.

Here's a video that went viral a while back featuring conservative Ben Shapiro and a self-proclaimed socialist:



There are some historical remedies for excessive inequality and they are called the French and Russian revolutions. Hopefully, they will remain historical. The erosion of trust in the civic institutions is dangerous and the only remedy I know of is for the public to avoid voting for anyone who wants the job.You can rest assured that they are doing so for their own reasons and not yours.

As long as capitalism is defined as increasing or keeping market share, rather than innovating, the support for it will deteriorate. When you spend more money on lobbying than on R&D, you are making yourself more irrelevant.

I also know that deterioration is frequently incremental, but progress can be found taking big strides, at times even revolutionary ones, and crushing status quo.


What nation are you from?
English is obviously not your native language.



How did Brennan get past the Agency's security screening process?
And with some of the crap he's been pulling lately, IMO merits his prosecution.



Well, being you a Colonel and taking into account your background, I will not admit anything if it is not in the presence of my lawyer ....

explain. sounds a bit silly.

Are you American? ... Serious?

my burgueoisied friends

La Bourgeoisie could well be called "kreakliat" nowadays. The ones starting revolutions and maybe counterrevolutions too.

OK your "bourgeoisised friends"? Means what exactly? The American "Lumpen" kreakliat starting the counterrevolution?


Did Pat invent you? For your task here?


joanna/LeAnder/polysciprof - No, I did not invent her. I do not invent people but she/he/it/they are so outrageous that the next time it talks like that I will ban it.


J - Glad to see you are commenting again. We need a CI mind in the group. Evidently some idiot or idiots in CIA Security thought that this had been a youthful indiscretion. Surely, this then handsome, Jesuit educated young fellow could not be a secret Communist.

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