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26 June 2019


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adrian pols

R22, chlorodifluoromethane, a ubiquitous refrigerant used in air conditioning units worldwide. I've got a 30 lb cylinder of the stuff I use in various AC units I'm responsible for. Yes, a "Chlorine containing chemical". How sweet is that?



The authors asked me to post this.

English Outsider

Might I enquire about the "R22" mentioned in the report and in your comment?

The point you raise was also discussed on SST soon after the various incidents occurred, but as far as I remember without mentioning the specific type of chlorine used. -

1. Apparently the water supply in many parts of Syria is unsafe so for many single or multiple dwellings small tanks of chlorine are kept on the roof to sterilise the tap water. These tanks were often disrupted during the fighting. Would this be the same type of chlorine?

2. Presumably some houses also had AC units. Would these use the same type of chlorine that you use? If the AC units were disrupted would they contain sufficient chlorine to cause noticeable contamination?

I hope those questions have not already been covered. If so, I hope you don't mind them being raised again.


And I' very glad you did. Thank you.

It's necessary information for those who find ourselves arguing against the assumption of Assad's "proven" use of chemical weapons

Paul McKeigue

Brief postscript -- we're told that the word "nobble" sounds strange to North American readers. In British English, the original meaning was to do something to a racehorse to prevent it from winning. Its common usage now is to mean interfering with a decision-making body by illegal or unfair means, as in "the jury was nobbled". This is the precise meaning we are trying to convey.

adrian pols

The authors specifically mention R22 refrigerant cylinders being used as a delivery method, so I mentioned that, being familiar with it. Every cylinder, commonly looking like an everyday propane tank used on grills, has prominently lettered on it "Chlorodifluoromethane". It is a non toxic gas which is now in the process of being phased out because it is thought harmful to the Ozone Layer. But it's everywhere in the world and landfills are littered with empty cylinders which are legally single use containers. It's not a stretch for the gullible to see that technical name and be fooled.

Peter C

As the objectivity of OPCW reports can no longer be taken for granted, it would be helpful if somebody could do a similar investigation into their curiously worded assessment of the Skripal situation.


Great works for the investigates of this information keep post it your help us Africa to know what is happening globally.



R22 is a refrigerant used extensively in air conditioning systems. I've never heard of it being used in place of chlorine for water purification.



"legally single use containers." This size cylinder is easily rechargable. What country has made the cylinder itself illegal to refill?

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