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03 June 2019


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The Kushner, Greenblatt, Friedman Peace plan is not new.

Here it is......http://www.jerusalemsummit.org/eng/hs_short_eng.htm

blue peacock

I'm not sure how far the Palestinian Authority will go even if they're bribed with a lot of cash. Kushner does not believe that the Palestinians are ready for self-government.



There may have been a social media campaign against the Kushner plan from day one by rather sinister swamp forces, Harper. Or a much bigger campaign against Kushner personally. I checked the truth media, which supports it.

Look, we all know, don't we, that the left generally including the US Democrats are antisemitic. Don't we? What other reason could there have been behind Kushner's December 2016 unfortunately failed activities at the UNITED NATIONS to prevent the outgoing admin, to show their true face?

Put another way. Do we still need the United Nations. Imagine how much it costs.



"Imagine how much it costs"
That depends upon who is paying the bills. I don't think reciepients of the funds are complaining about how much the UN costs.


Look, we all know, don't we, how tired, worn out, shelf-life expired is the epithet anti-semitic.
Offer an argument, a critique, an analysis, anything but weak-minded name-calling.

Zionism is Anti-Christian


Artemesia, this was a weak attempt at humor. It would have needed qa lot more attention to give it the right final verbal touches.

I respect Harper a lot. If that is what's bothering you.

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