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17 June 2019


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Barbara Ann,
I don't believe in Übermenschen. The last we had were so-so, had some severe moral and ethical deficits and killed my grandmothers employers (she was a cook for a jewish family).

Scepticism of Übermenschen is why democracies have these regular elections, police and a penal code.

There is a more modern AfD Übermensch around here who iirc likes to wear a Thor hammer as jewelry, probably useful for defending the christian-jewish Europe against the Islamic and/or mongolian hordes.

If I would imagine one Übermensch he or she would be very different and not invent the "Prince of Whales" or "cofeve".

With that signing he made on the D-Day remembrance Trump turned it into a Trump Show. Indeed, it was just for people like Trump that the allies invaded the Normandy. Basically it was already part of his re-election campaign.

And that 'how dare he not subjugate himself to the consensus' line - well, it depends on what you want to get:

Be aware that that consensus also includes abiding laws, paying taxes and not to occasionally invoke national emergencies for not having to ask an unwilling congress for money and instead use emergency powers that allow for more unchecked arbitrary solo acts (and access to the military budget and personnel).

Barbara Ann


I was afraid of this reaction, please do not misunderstand me, my comment was not intended to carry moral judgement. The comparison is solely in reference to Nietzsche's original conception, not later perversions of the concept. Your imagined good and evil leaders would likely be similar to my own. But Nietzsche's Beyond-Man is placed outside such a frame of reference and not, for example, required to care much for spelling.

Whist I believe Trump is a good example of such, I am not advocating that those with such psychoses should necessarily be in positions of power. Nietzsche's, own views on the subject seem to be much misinterpreted and by all the worst people, perhaps predictably.

My fondness for this aspect of his character is limited to its rarity value and not intended to imply any judgement on the outcomes of his actions. These may yet lead us all to disaster, but then before his election it was quite apparent to me that we were headed for a different kind of disaster.

A functioning society absolutely requires us to enslave ourselves to the prevailing ethical code to some degree. But in Western societies today the scope of what is deemed ethically correct has been broadened to such an extent that adherence to it all has become a tyranny for many. The description "Liberal Bolshevism" fits well.

How to stop this slide into politically correct hell? Well it seems to me that a leader who is willing to exercise his/her will is absolutely necessary right now. Whether history will judge Trump a good president will depend on what he does next and of course on the prevailing morality at the time.


I can understand your fears. He is surly using established neolib neocon narratives. And yes: We are not that well prepared ...

But look didn't Maas, with verbal support from Angela, function as perfectly as simply another vassal?

Power is, what power can.

While English Outsider ponders how to defend himself best against the rest of Europe. One club he can get easily out, but the other may have to stay in, other then the US, which historically I can understand:



Barbara, if you are female you may not love everything about him, or his ideas, but we have a philosopher, not Nietzsche by the way, that you may want to study:

The world as will:

Barbara Ann

Thanks LeaNder/joanna, but I try to steer clear of pessimistic as well as idealistic philosophies. And given that I like Nietzsche's work so much and given that much of this was inspired explicitly to refute Schopenhauer, I do not think he would be to my taste.

different clue

As far as I remember and can tell, "National Bolshevism" began as an artsy protest-movement against various thises and thatses in Yeltsinian Russia by edgy novelist Edward Limonov. He tried to make it into a movement and a party and I don't know anything about it beyond that.

Here is a wiki about Edward Limonov his own self.

Here is a hostile article about him by a detractor.

He wrote a lot of feature-articles for an American-expats-in-Russia online publication called " the eXile". "the eXile" is now subscriptionized and paywalled. But some of its content loaded over to "the eXileD" when Mark Ames had to flee Russia and come back to America. Here is an post by Edward Limonov. There may be others.


Deep contradiction that a Commitee of Correspondence refuses contributions from communists and proletarians. The etimology is clear, commitee-communism, correspondence-proletarian. But better that than a flat cardiograph line.


By the way, National Bolsheviks leader and founder Eduard Limonov, great writer and poet, expelled from the Soviet Union in the late 70's spent a few years in New York and then France. Excellent writer, look for His Butler's Story, quite sure you'll enjoy it since it describes the NY elite that has brought your country to its actual sorry state.



This is a discussion forum for non Bolsheviks. They are the enemies of mankind and I will not provide a platform for their agitprop.

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