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06 June 2019


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According to William R Polk, Syria has in recent years experienced severe drought. Just last week its grain crops were deliberately burned before harvest (Iraq too). Population growth has made all problems far more difficult.



Who, whom seems a relevant question. Quoting the WAPO (linked below)
"IS militants have a history of implementing a “scorched earth policy” in areas from which they retreat or where they are defeated. It’s “a means of inflicting a collective punishment on those left behind,” said Emma Beals, an independent Syria researcher."
Next question would be just how large an area in each country. Reading the WAPO it doesn't sound like much.

Quoting you: "Population growth has made all problems far more difficult."
Did all that growth happen before or after the refugees left? Where were all those kids born, in government controlled areas or in all that 'rebel' territory. Curious minds want to know.



Oil! Just how much do you think there is and where might it be? Both topics of discussion here off and on over the past decade.
"Syria is a relatively small oil producer, that accounted for just 0.5% of the global production in 2010" ... "Syria's known oil reserves are mainly in the eastern part of the country in the Deir ez-Zor Governorate near its border with Iraq and along the Euphrates River, ..." (per wiki linked above.)

My, right where which country that is Germany's NATO ally had troops in over the past few years? How much support did Germany provide to the current Syrian government that might cause them to look favorably upon "I am sure Germany would like a slice of the reconstruction projects in Syria ..." Steve Biko died during the era of Apartheid in South Africa. Back when there were two Germanys. Which one didn't support South African Industry , who they were allied with at that time and in which one of those two Germanys the current Chancelor was born and raised in.


I thought you gentlemen had been doing a very good job trying to 'draw back the curtain' and show that allegations that your current President was a 'Manchurian Candidate' working for the Russians was a complete load of hogwash?

in the past you've commented that my govt. via it's security services are adept at playing dirty tricks and manipulations quite probably because it's a relatively low budget form of warfare and I've not been the slightest bit offended because I quite agree with you,

to 'draw back the curtain' I believe comes from the scene in the Wizard of Oz,

for me the 'curtain' is the narrative propagated via newspapers & tv,

I did not seek to offend you or your readers,

after posting my remark I realised it was somewhat intemperate and regretted it,

for that I apologise,

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