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21 June 2019


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I am thankful that our military acknowledges that our President is the Commander-in-Chief. He commanded, they obeyed. As for all the pundits on all sides, their lack of perspective or even understanding of history leaves me terrified. There seems to be no understanding of how Iran is capable of retaliation. An example:

Everyone remembers the shootdown of Iranian Air flight 655 on July 3, 1988 by the guided missile cruiser Vincennes, under the command of the late Captain Will Rogers, in which 290 people were killed. President Reagan said America will never apologize. President Clinton ultimately paid the Iranians $130 million.

Few remember what happened next -- some 8 months later, in March, 1989, Capt. Roger's spouse Sharon, was in her van stopped at a traffic light in San Diego. A pipe bomb went off under the back of the van. It was small -- she was unhurt, fortunately, but definitely shaken up, and the van did catch fire. Despite an intensive investigation, the FBI has never solved this case.

Never let us become so blind and arrogant in our strength that we are unable to conceive retaliation by those weaker.


Do you have information that this is the case, or are you projecting how you would act?

ted richard

look at a decent map of this area. the us naval base in bahrain and air base qatar are an iranian missiles equivalent of firing from lower manhattan to hit something in hoboken.

usa military assets within the persian gulf have if war breaks out checked into the hotel california.

it is a logistical nightmare for the pentagon to protect and resupply in the event of serious hostilities. trump surely has been told by real us military professionals the giant hairball he takes on if he gets into a war with iran and what it means for us servicemen station there and throughout the larger middle east.

it is unfortunate that the usa media uses fools like bolton and pompeo as clickbait to generate revenue fore their business at the expense of whats best for the nation but there it is... the msm has an agenda which is not at all in the service of the nation.


I deal in facts, not in 'deeply bigoted anti-Americanism'.

Interesting that you do not want to recognize those facts. They are right before your eyes.

Just I give it a day or two until the next 'incident' happens. Trump thinks that he can f*** Iran and sit it out? Not gonna happen.

Charlie Wilson

b be a hater, colonel.

And his English sucks too!


blue peacock

Tucker Carlson seems like the only realist in the MSM.


Eugene Owens

Agree regarding b's anti America stance.

Yet b's prediction that the guy in charge at Hormuz will get a medal and promotion is correct IMO. Ditto for his prediction that Iranian attacks will continue with some measure of deniability.


Has anyone considered the possibility that the drone was sent there to be shot down by the Iranians?

It is no secret that the Neocons and the Israeli zionists (I am repeating myself here) do want a war between Iran and the United States. First, there were a few tanker attacks which were brushed off by Trump. Then this, which was more difficult to brush off. Is it possible that the drone actually went to Iranian airspace but GPS coordinates were spoofed (by insiders on the American side) so that Trump (and the administration) believed that it stayed in international airspace? The Americans do seem to really believe that the drone was in international airspace and no one can make a point that it is to Iran's benefit to target an American asset in international airspace, especially now when tensions are so high. Iran has the most to lose in the event of a war with the Americans (no points for guessing which country has the most to win - Israel). And it is a coincidence that the guy heading the Iran mission Centre, Michael D'Andrea, was previously the head of drone operations. Or is it a coincidence?

What would I do if I were a neocon who wants war between the US and Iran, a war that Trump doesn't. For the start of hostilities, it is essential that both sides, US and Iran, feel that they are in the right - which of course this situation is. I would create a context, an excuse/rationale for the start of actual hostilities to the US administration (and of course for the consumption of the American public). Then I will make the case to Trump that we should have a 'limited' retaliation. I know that the Iranians will strike back after the 'small scale' bombing. And the Americans have to retaliate to that also. What chances are there that any retaliation by the Americans will not end up in total war with Iran??

Trump doesn't want war and probably saw through the machinations to get him to agree to a 'small' bombing campaign as retaliation that would surely lead to a larger conflagration and total war with Iran that the neocons want so much. This particular provocation was unsuccessful in its aim. However, I think that provocations by the neocons will continue and at an ever increasing pitch - enabled by the neocons within the administration and the Israelis. Trump doesn't want war but his administration filled with neocons does and they will find a way maneuver Trump into it. Israel will fight Iran till the last standing American in the Middle East.

blue peacock

Sorry. Here's the ink to Tucker on the Iran war brink.



The Chinese should close Adelson's Macau casinos for health and safety violations. Zionist donors for Trump's election campaign are driving this. Adelson's boy Bolton needs removing before anything positive can happen, Tucker Carlson needs some help with his campaign to oust him.

John Merryman

Any information or thoughts on the Philadelphia fire? It seems possible there would be cells in the US and this would be the form of pressure applied? Obviously if the powers that be wanted to use it, there would be all manner of fingers pointed, but it is definitely under the radar.
If we really did go to war, I can see truck bombs taking out various important bridges, etc.



In a situation of this degree of geo-political gravity, nobody in the chain of command below the CinC would have had the authority or temerity to attempt to order this strike package. Neither Pompeo nor Bolton is in the chain of command and attempts by them to order such attacks would have been rejected by the military. BTW if Trump aborted the strikes only 10 minutes out from the targets he was cutting it too close. Communications can always fail.



The question has been raised of my denigration of b. He has a long history on SST He is an excellent military analyst but the long and so far as I can remember unbroken record of interpreting EVERY situation as demonstrating the demonic nature of the US causes me to discount anything he writes on other than military subjects narrowly defined. IMO b's hostility to the US is a permanent burden that he carries.

Eric Newhill

Also, B's minions, who follow him around, have absorbed his anti-US attitude so completely it's like a religion to them.



Only two choices? That doesn't sound very realistic in the terms of actual options. How about leaving the sanctions in place? What prevents that?


He can pull back on the sanctions and other U.S. violations of JCPOA, or he can start a full war against Iran that will drown his presidency, put the world economy into a depression ($300/bl oil) and kill many U.S. soldiers.

you aren't serious. Remember how how much money (irony alert) Obama had paid for the wrong deal?

Usually of course power is what power can, like Israel never needed to pay its debts post 1979.


This is all one big PsyOp imo. The US has no popular support for an attack on Iran, internally or externally. We are going to attack, but want to make it seem like they showed restraint and have been left with no choice.

I don't foresee the Iranians talking to Trump unless and until the US walks back its sanctions, or Trump himself goes and sits down with the Ayatollah.

And this nonsense about Iran allowing the US to make some window dressing attack on innocuous targets to save safe. All I can say is Iranians are not Arabs.

Dave Good

Pan Am Lockerbie was Irans response to the Vincennes shootdown.

SAC Brat

This seems like Professional Wrestling theater where you have the wrestlers hamming it up for the drama and you wonder what the script is. We only get to see what the camera frames.

blue peacock

Why did Donald Trump hire neocons Bolton & Pompeo as well as torturer Gina Haspel? Couldn't he find people who shared his views (at least what he said during the last campaign) that our ME regime change wars were a disaster that we shouldn't repeat?

As Tucker noted in his segment yesterday Bolton & the neocons have been plotting a war with Iran for some time. They don't care if it sinks Trump's presidency. They have no loyalty to him only condescension.

Hopefully Trump learns from this near miss of a catastrophe for his presidency. But he has seemed weak and indecisive on these matters all along. He never fought back for example with all the tools at his disposal against the attempted coup by law enforcement & the intelligence agencies. All he did was constantly tweet witch hunt. He's once again delegated it to Barr after Sessions sat on it. He allowed Pompeo & Bolton to bring on fellow neocon Elliott Abrams who previously screwed up in Nicaragua to attempt another regime change in Venezuela, which has been another botched example of how everything that the neocons touch turns to shit. Yet as Tucker notes in his segment yesterday the neocons are "bureaucratic tapeworms" that some how manage to survive failure after failure with the same regime change prescriptions. Trump better wise up like right now or he can kiss his re-election goodbye.

SAC Brat

I would think it would be slicker to leave a memento from a Iranian unit in a control box to be found.

Our host was involved in the past with programs that drove North Vietnamese security forces nuts chasing phantasms around. I bet the Iranians could paralyze the US government without having to hurt a single US citizen.

blue peacock

I agree with your assessment that b's hostility to the US is permanent. His blog and those he has gathered around it are pretty much exclusively focused on painting all US activities in a nefarious light. Of course we provide him plenty of fodder with our neocon-driven foreign policy.

While he is German and lives in Europe he barely writes about any European issues. France played a significant role in the regime change operation in Libya and continues to meddle in North Africa. And the GiletsJaunes phenomenon doesn't seem to interest him.

SAC Brat

That would be a skillful example of psyops if the number was correct for the mission.

Barbara Ann


I agree re the drone and re Trump being the only one who can defuse the situation. But in the Art of this 'Deal' it appears the golden bridge is replaced by a golden guillotine. Trump has now called for additional sanctions and unless this is cover for some hidden diplomacy which de-escalates, it will surely only be a matter of time before blood is drawn on either side. Then the neocons have won.

Eh bien, continuons...


or, Eric, dear, we may have shifted towards Bernhard post Trump, post America first to some extend. Why shouldn't we as foreigners?

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