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21 June 2019


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you mean the world would look pretty much the same had the US not opted for the GWOT in all its diverse operations. Seems it has been recoined to the Long War now?

But yes, I leave it to future historians to decide who was more successful in changing reality, the 19 hijackers and their sponsors or the neocons and their allies.


i deeply disliked Joschka Fischer from a certain point on.

If "b" does not take into account that dimension then his analyses will be less valuable. But it is irksome, Joanna, to see you adopting this allusive, even amused attitude of moral superiority when you are so deeply mired in complicity yourself.

I seem to disagree with b more often then I agree. But I do respect his perseverance. In other words his discipline in devoting for quite a long time his day labor to his blog. I never felt I was "saintlier than thou" or wiser for that matter then you, or lets say Tyler, who advertised Brevik here as true righteous warrior.

I always was and will remain an observer, you can correct me of course, but I am not aware that has anything to do with saintliness or sanity. ...



You don't have any real sense of what war is. the objective of a campaign to take back Idlib just after the capture of Aleppo would have been to re-take the ground and kill as many jihadis as possible in the process. These people are in HC's immortal phrase, "irredeemable deplorables." So long as they live they will seek to destroy secular governments. They should have been made into used jihadis.


Power attracts sociopaths.

This comment is intended to be more relevant than it may at first seem.


Stupit question, but an honest question - why would they plant the explosive above the waterline, thus making the damage look like something not caused by a mine?

jd hawkins

"With the right people in the middle layers and others looking away because of career risk, it might not be as difficult as you imagine".

Extremely insightful!!


Americanism.. We know what is right and the way to go about it. Venezuela.. Iraq.. Iran.. Vietnam.. Korea.. China.. Then Africa and Asia..

Anyone who opposes or dont agree with this is anti-american.. Forget that everything done to these countries and more is not in keeping with american values. Or in basically keeping with maybe more socialistic values.

Also disagreeing with the likes of the american banking systems for what they are doing to the average american.. is also anti american..

When you come down to it.. Americanism is following what the USA oligarchs desire..
Hence Americanism is also supporting and going along with the likes of pl.. Because they know what is right and just and after all only advancing the philanthropy of the oligarchs.

Yet supporting many common people and former soldiers etc.. none of that matters.. Thats not Americanism..

Yea guess thats why I dont bother reading pl or any of the others often enough.. Why bother because it always comes down to support the many or the few who gains. In a just world it is the many that should gain.


When the US was bombing ISIS attacking dier ezzor with over 300,000 civilians trapped there.. Who ordered the pilots to instead bomb the defending Syrian soldiers so ISIS could capture the besieged city killing around 100 Syrian soldiers in the trapped city?

That was not the first time.. At least 2 other times the US bombed Syria positions to advance ISIS..

See when others know of actions such as this.. perfidious behavior on the part of the military.. makes your comments on US military and its chain of command meaningless..



I don't know who or if ordered the attacks on the SAA but someone did. IMO this was in execution of the US national policy of regime change. I condemned that policy and still do but what is it that you want? Would you have some general in the chain of command simply refuse the order from the CinC?



Kerala eh? Be advised that further direct ad hominem attacks on me will result in banning from SST.



Pls provide a list of the ruling oligarchs in the US.

English Outsider

Yup, JF surely gives a new meaning to the term "eco-warrior". Glad we agree there.

Apologies if I've attributed to you the usual European dislike for Trump. I know a lot of Americans look at him sideways but a continent that produces such beauties as Verhofstadt and Johnson can scarcely follow suit.


If the vessel was making way at perhaps 15 kts then underwater limpeting would be difficult, leaving above-water placement by a smallcraft alongside the only real option.
Many questions - the 'rip it off and lets go' Iranian approach to a possible antihandling device on the unexploded 'mine, it's unusual beehive shape, and the lack of US(etc) radar/TI imagery proof of the Iranian based attack in an extremely well surveilled area.


Obama's most likely intent, or that of his sponsors, was to wreck Libya and he succeeded.


And Khamenei will do what?

He will exclude anything that would create Casus Belli for war, however would also need to actively protect Iranian air and sea assets near or outside Iranian borders from deniable destruction by (eg.) Israel, who (hypothetically) may decide to assist all parties down a path to war, or at least promote internal division with the Iranian leadership group.
The regular milkrun IranianAF B747-100 Tehran-Damascus air bridge flight would be a fine candidate provided that no Russians were known to be aboard.

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