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13 June 2019


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Barbara Ann

So Bolton and Pompeo have got us to the next rung on the escalatory ladder. Where do we go from here? Operation Earnest Will II, a new USS Maddox and AUMF justification for strikes on IRGC - that should do it.

Trump has doubtless been told that Iran's capitulation may require a short period of shock and awe, perhaps he is thinking in terms of another Shayrat airbase strike. Why would Bolton and Pompeo tell him anything different?

The only shred of hope I can see short term, is that Israel's 'Mr Security' won't want to see his own re-election chances blown with a full scale ME conflict before the September election rerun. Hizbullah raining missiles down on Tel Aviv's Pride Paraders would be very poor PR.


All was quiet at Bayt Al Wakeel last night. I had fish and chips.


I would like to know how many agencies of the USIC would be on the verge of mutiny if they were told concur, as with the Steele 'report', in the present judgment.

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