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03 May 2019


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blue peacock


The intelligence & law enforcement apparatus in collusion with the media and the establishment of both parties went after him hard. As Larry notes here, they went to considerable effort to entrap those related to his campaign to impugn him. Mueller spent $35 million trying to find an angle. Even after the Mueller report stated there was no collusion they're sill after him. So that's not going to end any time soon.

Trump may have good instincts but his judgment of people so far to staff his administration is not very inspiring. He had Jeff Sessions as his AG and he let him hang in there for nearly two years while Mueller ran riot. He's surrounded himself with neocons on foreign policy. It seems his only real advisor is Jared. Everyone else he's got around him are from the same establishment that's going after him. He hasn't taken advise from Devin Nunes, who has done more to uncover the sedition than anyone else. If he had he would have by now declassified all the documents & communications. The impression I have is his primary motivation is building his brand & less about governance and wielding power. Take for example his order to withdraw from Syria. Bolton & the Pentagon are thumbing their noses at him.

Well, there have been several criminal referrals prior to the recent one on Nellie Ohr. There's the McCabe referral and the 8 referrals by Devin Nunes. I've not read any report of the empaneling of a grand jury yet. I agree with you that these law suits have the potential for great embarrassment, however to hold those responsible for the sedition accountable will require iron will & intense focus on the part of Trump to get his AG to assign prosecutors who don't have the axe to "protect" the "institution" and to create an opportunity for public awareness of the extent that law enforcement & intelligence became a 4th branch of government. My opinion is that his skill is in his instinctual understanding of the current political zeitgeist and his ability to manipulate the media including social media to project his brand. He's not an operational leader making sure his team executes his vision & strategy.

Keith Harbaugh

Jim Comey gives some spin on the Mifsud/Papadopoulos interaction in a radio interview, followed by extensive background analysis by sundance:
"James Comey Justifies FBI Spy Operations ...", Comey and sundance, CTH, 2019-05-04
LJ, do you have any opinion on sundance's analysis here?

Mark McCarty

This is a magisterial overview that everyone should read, devastating in it impact.

Also of note - as you have mentioned previously - are the efforts of FBI informant Henry Greenberg to sell Hillary emails - allegedly from the Russian government - to Roger Stone, on the presumption that Stone was acting on behalf of the Trump campaign. When Stone demurred, Greenberg suggested that the Trump campaign could provide the money. This was an evident entrapment scheme - but, as with all of the other entrapment schemes you have detailed here, the bait was not taken. In fact, it appears the Trump campaign members acted with unusual probity in their dealings with "Russian agents".

It might be added that this event occurred in May 2016 - prior to the formal initiation of the FBI counterintelligence investigation on the Trump campaign. It is evident that the entrapment efforts by UK and US intelligence officials pre-dated "Crossfire Hurricane", and were conducted without ANY valid legal predicate.



There's a statute of limitations on EVERYTHING except murder and I think now child molestation in some states. Fraud typically has a 3-5 year SOL, Tax evasion has a 7-year SOL, money laundering 5-7 years as well.

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