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09 May 2019


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Larry Johnson's assessment is the same as Craig Murray's. Both are men who have first-hand experience of tradecraft, investigation, and the bureaucracy that manages both. Craig Murray is a committed social democrat and supporter of Scottish independence. Johnson now posts at the most principled and informed American conservative foreign-policy site on the internet. The two men probably disagree politically on many issues. But they both agree that Mueller is either very stupid or deeply corrupt, and his report an exercise in pure propaganda. All this is just to provide support Johnson's claim that his analysis is not partisan, but professional.



"Who let Fexlix Sater in and out of the US?" That would be the immigration act of 1965, passed by a Democratic house. Apparently NYC had more to do with his ethics, or lack thereof, than Moscow.


For those who haven't seen it, John Solomon writes in "The Hill":

"FBI's Steele story falls apart: False intel and media contacts were flagged before FISA"


I am not American, but "The Hill" strikes me as the sort of publication not read widely by the public, but which is a sort of 'house journal' for main stream journalists in Washington and New York.

It is significant that stories like this are starting to edge their way into the mainstream.

I wonder if Steele is being prepped to be the foreign fall guy for the sins of the FBI? As an Englishman I can't wait to watch how the British MSM explains away such an exposure.


Fred, it seems moot to keep arguing about Blue vs Red character deficits and or their ill-guided laws, if I may. From an outsider perceptive at least.

The Sater Story though, to the extend I understand it, may raise more questions then answers. Way beyond the Orange king, really. But, at least in my case, those questions cannot be solved with immigration laws. You seem to be able to find comparable stories with characters holding solidly legitimate American passports. Not post nationalization, mind you.

One of my core principles: One cannot solve all issues with one rule.


1. Originally in Law, of a case, issue, etc.: proposed for discussion at a moot (MOOT n.1 4). Later also gen.: open to argument, debatable; uncertain, doubtful; unable to be firmly resolved. Freq. in moot case, [moot] point.

2. N. Amer. (orig. Law). Of a case, issue, etc.: having no practical significance or relevance; abstract, academic. Now the usual sense in North America.

ok, not abstract, hammering in party politics, maybe? Beyond defending the king?


See, see, there was an early signal, but it was ignored. Now that may be a minor (???) point in favor of the Red section: all this was highly coordinated and Kathleen's concerns were kind of upsetting the apple cart???

And now I really have to return to my task and stop babbling.


The law doesn't matter to people who won't obey it anyway until those who do lock up those who don't.

Diana C

And those who don't are usually those who feel THEY are "above" the law and better than those who follow the laws, which they have deemed to be "unnecessary."

I am quite saddened by the state of our politics today. I was saddened as a young person when the "flower children" and the angry "Weathermen," and the SLA idiots were active in my generation. It seems their children are carrying on their idiocy as college professors and so-called journalists and, sadly, Representatives and Senators.

Many in the Congress aren't there to do the hard job of legislating. They want only to get their faces on T.V. and count how many Twitter followers they have. To them it appears that having lots of Twitter followers is even more important that accomplishing the jobs they were sent to do.

I am sorry that I am venting. I've followed this story for so long now that I can't understand why It's considered "news."

It should not taken so long for the truth to be revealed.

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