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16 May 2019


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What is fascinating here is the number and diversity of "Groups" and "Movements" represented in these lists. The "Wrath of Olives???" Many listed are identified with regions or ethnicities, and could be, I guess, considered 'niche' terror groups. As such, the rule, "follow the money" would probably be the best course in identifying the 'alliances' between such groups. That said, how many funding agencies are known? Will we be seeing the "RussiaRussiaRussia" partisans bringing up the spectre of a "New Comintern" next? (I would not put it past them.)
Human nature hasn't changed in the past few millennia, and, contrary to what the NeoCons have asserted in the past, History has not ended.
We are always living in "Interesting Times."

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