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22 May 2019


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The Twisted Genius

Larry, blatant Russian fingerprints in in G2 files is not proof of anything. You only make assumptions of why those fingerprints were there. Assuming that Russian hackers are godlike and incapable of leaving such things in a file, deliberately or not, is pure wishful thinking. The whole G2 episode did nothing but sow confusion and doubt into the public discussion of Russian interference. I'd say it worked brilliantly.

Larry Johnson

you surely can't be that gullible. It is not only the deliberately placed Russian fingerprints. The transfer rate, which cannot be faked, was not done over the internet. You will be proven wrong. I hope you are man enough to admit it when the full data is released.


“”...nobody seems interested...”
As TTG has pointed out, you missed the point. And I guess I overstated it. As you point out. “Nobody” did not include the authors of the report being discussed. But what is striking to me is that the discrepancies were raised to consciousness by perhaps the the smallest and least well resourced people with an interest. The discovery seems almost accidental. The world is full of professional well resourced intelligence agencies who should very quickly have noticed the same things and probably much more, None of them raised these easily discoverable facts,

“How dare...”. Seems to be attributing motives to me. I try very hard to stick to facts as much as we know them. I welcome having my failures in this re3gard pointed out, but this is not that.

As for “false flag”, I maintain that that is an accurate description of the planting of Cyrillic meta data.

Sorry to have taken a while to respond. I do have a fairly intense day job.


“Felix Edmundovich”
OK, this bothered me. Am I overestimating someone? This level of clumsiness suggests to me that it was intended to be detected. Am I the only one to think so? If so, then what was the actual motive for doing this? Perhaps some of the professionals at SST can help me out.

The Twisted Genius

Larry, nobody transfered files like that since the days of Kermit and Xmodem. They are gathered on the local network, tarballed and then transferred. Forensicator focused on the copy rate, not the transfer rate. I'd be much more impressed if he could technically disprove the government's claim that the GRU used x-agent, rar.exe and x-tunnel to conduct the hack. I understand that's a tall order, but it would be impressive. Maybe I will be proven wrong. Maybe the GRU12 and IRA indictments are based on pure fiction and end up as the basis to charge Mueller with massive criminal fraud. It's all possible.


I suppose the sloppy “Russian” metadata insertions could be a blind 2x, making it obvious so everyone will believe it’s fake.

Q: if this were the case, what were/are/would be the advantages/disadvantages to Russia?

Martin Holsinger

I have been a Russiagate skeptic since about day one, and reading the Mueller report has been mostly an eye-roller for me, but he makes one allegation that I have yet to see anybody comment on/refute: his claim that the GRU did internet searches for several phrases that appeared in Guccifer 2.0's initial communique before that communique was published. One one hand, this sounds like something that the US government's computer hackers could do, but on the other hand, it kind of blows the NSA's cover if it's true. Your comments? Thank you!

Larry Johnson

The problem is that no evidence is offered to back up the assertion. Given the history of lying by both CIA and FBI I am not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Larry Johnson

For my part this is not about trying to prove you wrong for the sake of humiliating you. I know from people with current access to the "so-called intel" that this who thing was a fabrication. They almost got away with it. Mike Rogers, former NSA Director, will emerge as sort of a good guy in this sordid affair.


Galloway and Bannon working hand in hand somewhat toward re-nationalization:

Querfront. I am hesitant of such approaches. Not that the English link could convey what I associate with it on my own home ground.


"..nobody seems interested in challenging the narrative that Russians..."
That's precisely what Larry has been doing for some time.

As Larry has been doing for some time, as has Publius Tacitus been doing for some time before him ...


His master's voice only?

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