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23 May 2019


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Testimony of AG Loretta Lynch: pp 108-109

A So let me just, just to back up a bit. With respect to people who could potentially have been charged as a result of the email investigation, I'm sure you're aware, it wasn't just Secretary Clinton, there was a group of people, because always one does not send emails to oneself.
So I think the investigation appropriately looked at the universe of people who were involved in dealing with material that the State Department was sending back and forth via its email system and over Secretary Clinton's system.

And I just give you that clarification, because whenever it's discussed, people discuss it as if she was the only person involved in this, and it is really sort of an inaccurate representation of how the Department does these types of cases.


Certainly with respect to how the contours of the case were configured from the beginning, as I think I mentioned earlier, you look at the issues and you look to see what possible types of statutes apply there. And my understanding, based upon the presentation of the lawyers at the end of the case, was that they did look at several very specific statutes. I forget now whether it was three or four.

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