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21 May 2019


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One wonders why the jihadi's dont fade back into Turkey. The handwriting is (at long last) on the wall.

The Twisted Genius

ISL, Turkey doesn't want them.


What you have described is much what I had expected as a first move way back when SST ran its war game. I looked at the area in some detail and, at the time, they had been moving up the M4 and had secured some of the heights over looking the plain from the west. They also had water problems and needed control of the Hama pocket dam.


How secure is the Hatay boarder, if the SAA pressure keeps driving them back how able are the Turks to stop them slipping over the border?


This is all great news TTG, thanks for keeping us well informed!

Does not appear that either Turkey or the US MSM is doing anything other than complaining loudly about the situation in Idlib. Or have I missed something? Should we be anticipating another false flag chemical attack attempt, or has that lame strategy been put to rest there?

The Twisted Genius

JJackson, the jihadists are being supplied over that border and cross it for rest and refit regularly. However, a wholesale migration of armed fighters over that border would probably be contested. I think it would become uncomfortable at a minimum to downright miserable for both sides.

Eugene Owens

Valissa -

It already Happened two days ago. Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham or HTS on the southern edge of Kabani accused the 4th Division of using chlorine gas against them during a rocket and artillery barrage on the 19th.




Right on schedule Syria is doing the One Thing that guarantees US intervention: ta da - chemical weapons!

Thanks John Bolton. This tune is even more irritating than "send in the clowms"


Fred, Eugene…. ROTFLMAO…. and the Borg ‘cried wolf’ again… it’s a bit sad that I find this so amusing. There’s a reason the “clown world” meme has been taking off on YouTube and elsewhere. “the character is associated with the term "honk pill," which is often described as an absurdist alternative to black pill nihilism allowing a person to appreciate the humor in an absurd universe, interpreting existence as a cosmic joke.” https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/clown-pepe-honk-honk-clown-world


Turkey may not want them until they are sufficiently reduced in number to be used elsewhere in specific Turkish theaters, and physically and mentally wrecked enough to be compliant.
Then, they may find themselves washed, fed and rebadged as some anti Kurdish force.

Christian J Chuba

The talking point for every expert trotted out on cable news is how 'Hezbollah is propping up Assad' as part of the anti-Iran narrative. The implication being that if we stopped Iran then Assad would fall. They are totally ignorant that the Syrian army (and local militias) are a competent fighting force.

I'll just attribute this to laziness. They heard someone else say it, it sounds good, and no one in the MSM will accept everything they say without question.



Even more dastardly is the original.

English Outsider

TTG - might I ask - why no ground attack aircraft/attack helicopters, at least in what I saw.

The Twisted Genius

EO, I've seen footage of Su-25s in action, but no attack helicopters. That doesn't mean they're not in action. I imagine they're there. In other news, the jihadis have managed to recapture Kafr Nabudah today after days of relentless attacks. The latest assault involved nine VBEIDs. The Tiger Force withdrew, but quickly counterattacked and is now in the town. The jihadis are taking heavy casualties. Artillery and air strikes are hitting the jihadis hard as thet attempt to pour in reinforcements.

Eugene Owens

PRC90 - "they may find themselves washed, fed and rebadged as some anti Kurdish force."

Already happened: in Afrin and in the Euphrates Shield triangle. Plus Erdogan has been sending Syrian Turcomen jihadis in Kurdish towns and on Kurdish farms in SE Turkey for several years now to push out Kurdish families off the land.


Going by the videos coming out, HTS has been equipped with massive numbers of Kornets. This compares to the flood of TOWs that gave the SAA grief two and a half years ago.

Turkey might concede north Hama, but this fight is going to take a while.

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