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07 May 2019


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I don't think Lindsey is gonna do much other than showboat. The only person who should have the motive and has the power to take action is Trump. I'm skeptical he has the wherewithal to push it through. He'll likely delegate to Barr and who knows if Barr really wants to rock the boat.


The way the South Korean's pronounced Clapper's name was priceless--"Crapper"--and appropriate, too. Always broke me up.


The smoking gun; FBI conspired with HRC;



The dictionary definition of 'spying':

"to watch secretly usually for hostile purposes"

I suppose the legal definition is somewhat different, otherwise this seems to be a confession, doesn't it?


WHOA. It's beyond interesting that just a few days ago, on April 25, 2019, the FBI chose to classify much of the memo in question, not to be declassified for TWENTY FIVE YEARS.

This seems like a Big Time CYA move. Wray is apparently fighting hard to salvage the FBI's reputation instead of fighting to prevent corruption and ensure justice is served. Will AG Barr allow this to stand?

Also, I have to laugh that The Hill does its best to bury John Solomon's work, first by always labeling it "opinion" and secondly by often making it relatively hard to find on its website.

Thank you walrus for the link.

Keith Harbaugh

See also Solomon's follow-up (two days later) story:
"FBI's Steele story falls apart: False intel and media contacts were flagged before FISA"
by John Solomon, The Hill, 2019-05-09

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