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14 May 2019


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Seamus Padraig

I hope you are right. If you are right, and this helps bolster Tulsi's campaign, then at least some good will have come of all this ridiculous war-mongering against Iran.


I was also thinking about the picture painted of the US/Israeli Stuxnet cooperation as painted in the film 'Zero days' which was discussed here previously. US development and Israeli deployment.

I added the byline details because, as you point out, its source is significant. If I find a BBC post that has wandered off piste it is usually by some academic or think-tank type who have been asked to write something. Core BBC staff tend to show more discipline to the line.


How many comments were there jdledell? How many actually stated "nuke the entire country" or even used the phrase you put quoatation marks around "towel heads"? How many commenters were making hasbaraesque comments to discredit Trump supporters or does that type of thing only happen on the left?


Agree, these tankers were not torpedoed.
Damages would be larger than that.
Anyway it's Andrea Victory stern that has been hit, nobody will torpedo a vessel stern !
How did Houthis managed to hit a pumping station that is 760 km far from Yemen border with a drone with a 200 km flying range ?
Nonsense everywhere.
That stinks


Maybe your panel was not typical.
Hope so

Unhinged Citizen

Pompeo in Russia currently, speaking of some sort of "solution" wrt Syria... Thoughts?



Fred - thanks. that's my canceled post almost word for word.


Fred - I admitted it is impossible to determine just from the comments who is making legitimate comments and who is just blowing smoke. Comments were made about turning the entire country into a sea of glass and the term Towel Heads was used. While Brietbart comments were bad so was Fox News. I did not see similar comments on Daily Kos, about as left wing as any media outlet.

I live in a VERY Republican town and I have heard similar comments in person. The essence of my comment is my hope that Trump does not think his base will cheer on a war with Iran, because, irrespective of the comments, I don't think his base really will support a war - at least I hope not. I am not judging the Conservative movement based on these realtively few comments but I thought it was a interesting additional perspective on the issue.

Currently Trump is thinking about and positioning himself and policies to enhance his re-election in 2020. My hope is he does not miscalculate that a war will improve his odds.

different clue

I can think of a way to decide "what the chances are" that any one " nuke the ragheads" comment is real as against a false-flag "look-bad" comment. And that would be to spend the hundreds or maybe thousands of hours reading all the comments on these sites going back to the Trump Inauguration at least. That way one could tell which commenters were medium-term and which were long-term. If any of the medium-termers or long-termers offered "nuke the ragheads" comments the chances are good that these would be true-flag sincerely meant comments.

( If clouds of silent lurkers are watching so as to swoop in and place a false-flag comment under a true-flag commenter's name, that would require some deeper level of computer-of-origin address-finding, which would need at least a semi-expert to be able to do).



" I admitted it is impossible to determine just from the comments who is making legitimate comments and who is just blowing smoke."

Then you have no basis for making claims about Trump supporters. The "essence of your comment" was a slander. "towel heads"? Really? You are a better analyst than that.



You didn't catch on that he provided no link or other reference to the actual article and when called out to provide some evidence he deflects to an anecdote about hearing comments personally in his home town?

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