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02 May 2019


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The Twisted Genius

Julian, if you think the old elites, usually well moneyed old elites, are in some kind of existential fight to defeat the libs and make the world safe for the alt right, you are woefully misinformed. The old elites will preserve the status quo in all parts of their world. The rest is unimportant to them.



That politician was Obama. He gave great speeches but led poorly especially at the end. Now he is busily try to fund a perpetual agitprop center in Chicago.


''Annoy a Southerner and we will drain away the moments of your life with our slow, detailed and oh so polite replies until you are nothing but a husk of your former self and that much closer to death.''.....Maureen Johnson

Always worked for me.



i am annoyed. Is it working?

The Porkchop Express

Not proud. Just how I am. Again, usually nothing having to do with disrespect or maliciousness. Upbringing and culture, I suppose. Was partially my point. People are how they are. Provided there isn't genuine hatred involved, differences can, or should, be able to be overcome--especially in this country.


"politician will come along who will work at strengthing the bonds between us as people"

how is that the job of a politician? people have agency.


Lots of eggs is the secret of a lot of good recipes in the sweet nurture section.


I basically agree, TTG, but the devil is often hidden in a heap of contradictory details. Although, personally, I would not want to differentiate between old and new money, strictly. Thus I may be missing something here. Old money occasionally gets wasted by later descendants. New money "may feel it" convenient to sponsor causes it considers worth sponsoring. For political reasons too. What is purely a-political, anyway? Causes to whatever ends, elites new and old with whatever background consider worthy of support.

I am definitively not anti-elite, makes no sense as general perspective/outlook/goal, if you ask me. But I believe and there is quite a bit of evidence that elite money flows in alt-right causes over here for quite a while. Just as over the last decades it may have gathered speed. Found new figureheads, supporters? I doubt it is that different in the US.

Julian, "Bannon's risible", not a purchase, some type of lease, I understand. But never mind, don't underestimate the power of images.

Ok, Tracey B Strong wrote the introduction to Carl Schmitt's to one edition of Concept of the Political?

Not quite sure, what you try to convey, but interesting:



So many are looking for a savior, so many.


Pat - I try to not be a typical "NY person". Mingling and conversing with so many different people around the world and finding some have a narrow perspective of life and some a very broad perspecitve was facinating. I assume you found the same mingling and conversing with so many different Arabs.

I could not have been successful in establishing businesses in these different countries if I felt disdain for the locals. Most people regardless of their background and culture are VERY perceptive at interpreting non-verbal clues which indicate their standing versus someone else.

I learned a lesson from my Grandfather about the "value" of each individual regardless of their status in lIfe. As you know, my grandfather was Irgun and before the War of Independence he was walking down a street in Haifa when when he inexplicably turned and shot and killed an Arab who was on the front stoop of his house smoking a morning cigarette.He never understood why he did that.

Years later on a trip with him to Israel, he visited that man's house and when the man's wife answered the door my grandfather got on his knees and begged the woman for forgiveness. The sight of my proud grandfather on his knees will be vivid in my brain until I die.

Later I asked him why he did thaat because "he was only an Arab". He firmly rebuked me and exxplained - everyone was created in the image of G-d and has an equally important role to play in Life, no matter how large or small that role is, it is important to the integrity of the existance of man here on earth.

As far as "smelly" goes, I was able to handle New Delhi in the summer so it is not something that would cause me to reject interacting with locals.


jdledell, I just commented on the "country bumbkins" somewhere else. At least it feels it could be related. On the average they may not be able to travel that much. Some of them may not want to anyway, some of them may want but can't afford to.

But as the White Rabbit:

I gotta hurry up, I am late. ...

country bumkins=peasants? Reflecting on a my comment somewhere else here:

And now, I promise to myself, I'll abstain from babbling for a while.


Please do so. I have no idea what you are talking about.


jdledell - Pls try not to pigeonhole me as only an Arabist. Like you I have lived in many places; Europe, Asia, Oceania, Black Africa and yes in the ME. I actually preferred Turkey to the Arab countries. I speak four languages with ability. My objection to what I perceive in many Yankees is an assumption of cultural superiority over Southerners that is more than a little reminiscent of colonial attitudes toward the "backward" natives. As you seem to understand Israel is not an exception and has such attitudes. Beginning in the 183os in the US such Northern nationalists as Daniel Webster and John Quincy Adams began promoting the image of the North as TRUE America. The claim at the time was that the South was not really a distinctive cultural area. No, it was really just an area inhabited by the ignorant and those devoid of New England's sterling Puritan values. You remember those. They are the values my Puritan and Pilgrim ancestors brought to Massachusetts and Connecticut. This narrative narrative inhabits Northern minds to this day. Try- Norton, Anne, Alternative Americas, University of Chicago Press, 1986.

blue peacock

Col. Lang

I thoroughly enjoyed your trilogy. I found the intrigue gripping and IMO it was very well written. I felt transported to and immersed in that era. I've recommended the trilogy to my family & friends who are interested in American history. I think it is an excellent companion albeit fiction set in a well researched historical context to Shelby Foote's narrative on the Civil War.


BP High praise to be compared to Shelby Foote. Thank you.


Yes and no. Your military training makes you get to the point and less inclined to drone on and on.

Works better for ladies anyway. Last time I got stopped for a minor traffic violation it took me 20 minutes to explain why I couldn't find my insurance card. He finally gave up and told me to have a nice day.


During my college days and time spent in NY with classmates I had a Yankee boy talking about the South say to me...."you Southerners don't care what anyone else thinks do you?"

I have to admit he was right. We really don't care what outsiders think.

blue peacock

Col. Lang

This reminds me of a story of Marin County liberals (who are mostly transplanted northerners in my experience) & George Lucas. Lucas had a property that he wanted to develop for his studio. His neighbors objected citing environmental and other reasons. He then proposed a low-income housing development which got them even more apoplectic as they claimed it would change the character of their neighborhood.


What's good for the goose is never good for the gander. I completely agree with you that the condescension of the urban & financial elites is very reminiscent of colonial attitudes. We see this in the increasing PCness and divisiveness. The big finger of the "backward" was electing Trump in the last presidential election. Not that it has mattered much in terms of policy but he surely continues to be a symbol of FU!!


Uh jdledell,

Was a police report made? Was the crime investigated? Was your grandfather ever questioned? You know--all that official stuff that has to be done when you get involved in a serious felony? Things have to be done, you know. I find that there is something very strange about your story. It's sick; your grandfather was sick; you are sick. You are having a bit of sick fun with us?


and/or (overlapping with many others) a New World Order.

However, different saviors and utopias result in Wars on Error [that of others] which is one of the engines of history - or at least a driver thereof.


Tidewater - There were no police involved - the pre-Independence war between Jewish Israelis and the British authorities, as well as Arab resistence led to hundreds, if not thousands of deaths. Remember this was a time when the Lehi gang blew up the King David Hotel with many deaths and the Deir Yassin massacre in which many hundreds died. You can think of this as a lawless time similar to any country's War of Independence. That does not excuse some of the abuses that occcurred during that war but it does help understand the context.

I am neither sick or attempting to make others sick. My grandfather went to his grave full of daily remorse for his actions that day. He was involved in other killings, like British soldiers, where he never gave it a second thought. I think Pat will agree, War is Hell, and right or wrong Israelis thought of this time as War and the British occupiers were the enemy and the Arabs usupers of their land.

As many know on this blog, I have many problems with Israel and it's policies but throwing off the yoke of the British occupation is not high on that list. It is similar to what America did in the later 1700's. Remember I am not excusing the excesses that occurred in this war, in particular the Deir Yassin massacre bothers me greatly as it did my Grandfather who was on a hill with the Irgun overlooking Deir Yassin. Immediately after that episode he left Israel for America, never to live in the land he helped liberate.



What you say about war is true, although one must know when to stop. You do not deliberately kill civilians as was the case at Deir Yassin. And THESE particular British soldiers just after WW2 were mostly draftees doing their National Service.


Thank you for your courteous, thoughtful, and informative reply. I have always found your comments to be very interesting, reporting as you do from inside.


Oh come on. I think you both know that what happened at Deir Yassin and in fact all over the Galilee was a deliberate campaign of ethnic cleansing and terror designed to make the "Arab" population flee. It was as well-planned and premeditated as the Huguenot Massacre or the Final Solution. Americans have been complicit in Jewish crimes in the Levant for generations. It is now the greatest religious war in history. It is also a great race war. There is no solution and there is no exit. The only hope down the line maybe ten years is that nuclear winter is a kill switch for global warming. For those who are prepared.


Pat - I don't try to pigeonhole anyone and I wish my words did not convey that. I continue to be facinated by your Arab experiences as I have tried to do in the mideast. I admire your ability with arabic as it has given me absolute fits to sound like a young child when trying to speak it. I have no problems with people from the South even though my experience living in Atlanta and Jacksonville was not really indicative of the Southern Culture. As I'm sure you understand, there is much about living in the NYC suburbs where the NYC sense of superiority can be very irritating. I will look into your suggested reading.

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