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02 May 2019


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Tidewater - You are correct that there were deliberate actions designed to move Arabs out of certain areas. In the 1940's Tel Aviv was primarily Jewish and connected to, and directly south, of Tel Aviv was the city of Jaffa, primarily Arab. There were extensive operations, like produce wagons filled with fruit and vegtables hiding explosives which would go off in the Arab marketplaces. The explosions did not kill many people, but they were designed to instill fear and get Arabs to leave Jaffa so that Tel Aviv Jews could expand into that area.


jdledell - Anne Norton is now head of the poly sci dep. at Penn. Yes. To penetrate the hidden world behind the stacked stone walls in places like Fauquier County you have to have some sort of "in." Arabic is, as my engineer students said, "language for engineers." The dialectal stuff is not so bad. It follows the subject - verb - object pattern but MSA (fusha) is driven by something analogous to cases, but not really cases and is hell on earth. There are also about 7 1/2 million words in the lexicon. It took me three years of hard work with my wife as my fellow student to achieve mastery of the grammar in fusha and conversational fluency in several dialects (Jerusalem, Yemeni and Hijazi) Then the Army ordered me to WP to create a program in teaching it to cadets. I was in Tunisia once on Jerba island and in a carpet store. The proprietor and I were kneeling on a pile of carpets sipping tea when he realized that I had gradually transitioned from French to Arabic. After a minute he said "Oh, my brother, I welcome you, a ferenji who speaks the tongue of the angels. All our lives you and I will strive to learn more." He tried to give us a nice rug.

English Outsider

"You can think of this as a lawless time similar to any country's War of Independence. That does not excuse some of the abuses that occcurred during that war but it does help understand the context."

Possibly a better way to understand the Naqba is to read Jabotinsky.

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