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27 May 2019


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James Fox



My great grandfather was designated a key worker and was put to work in a munitions factory for WWI, however his brothers all served on the Western Front and enjoyed their service. Of course they were all coal miners so that was a dirty and dangerous jobs then, and can still be now. What I liked about Peter Jackson's film of WWI was he let the participants speak for themselves and their recollection of their experience is quite different from the interpretation that is usually given.



If you want to thank a soldier, be the kind of citizen worth fighting for.


I am filled with a profound sadness.


My father, father-in-law, both grandfathers and every uncle I ever knew, were all soldiers and saw war, some in combat and some in support, as young men. They didn't complain, and never forgot. With your help, Colonel & Mrs. Lang, I hope to finish writing that story of one of those soldiers. Thank you always for this Committee of Correspondence and for the hope that it brings to us all. Decameron.


A perfect thought. Thank you.


Hard hearted Empath?

William RAISER

I don't agree with all that you say, but I have posted your words from the heart on Facebook. The unfortunate part is that much of the death and horrible injury was/is not for highminded principles such as "freedom" but for American imperial hubris.

Ray R


Well said. "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers!" May you have a blessed Veterans Day.


William Raiser

Perhaps as a European you do not fully comprehend that we are absolutely bound to obey the legally elected constitutional government of the US. That in no way affects our motivations or experience.

Diana C

I studied literature as an undergrad during the Vietnam era. Many of my male classmates from high school served.

Wilfred Owen's poetry was a favorite of many during that time also. The poem I remember most was "Dulce et Decorum Est."

It is worth re-reading it. The first World War has always been in my mind, the most incomprehensible war. I could never understand why it was fought, but I have never ever felt anything but respect for those who answered the call of their government and went to war.


Col. sir,

The young Veterans of to-day see it differently.





"I have endeavored to cite and reference men of the highest echelons of power and reputation: economists, men of letters, statesmen, generals, etc. to show that many thoughtful men have given careful thought to the origins of the First World War and that if anybody should bear the sole weight of war guilt it should be France, with Russia as a close second.

Yet the hacks and quacks who teach history jealously guard the true secrets of the war and through a complex system of filtering and disinformation spread, known as “peer review,” this cabal of silence is maintained at the expense of both posterity and more importantly the truth."



Just another whining self-pitying jerk.

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