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04 May 2019


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English Outsider

Mr Harper - in the mean time the Ukrainian shambles runs and runs. Claims that Western Special Forces, UK included, continue to assist over there and that some of those being trained and equipped are the old Right Sector/Neo-Nazi forces - street fighters who learned soldiering the hard way and are still anxious to do more.

Maybe if detente occurs R2P could switch from meaning fomenting local division to meaning straight disaster relief. Seems that's what the Ukrainians need most of all. Any prospect of that on the horizon?


yes they really are old right sector, the ukrainian nazi scum was led by a ww2 "lady" until she died.

Taras 77

Thanks, Harper, very much needed arguments for dialogue. Maybe, just maybe with the slow and agonizing death of the farce that was russia gate, some adults will step forward and begin the process.

This is another indicator of possible change for the better:


I fear, however, that the zio and neo cons are very much embeddedthe in the "foreign policy" establishment,to state the obvious, and will fight this process of dialogue tooth and nail. And of course, they have the prostituted press backing them 110%.

I would think that the first order of business in this process would be to kick foaming at the mouth bolton and pompeo to the curb, to include their zio con staffs. I am not optimistic that this will happen any time soon, altho trump's inititation of the call to putin was a surprise for me.


A resumption of top-level contacts is, surely, welcome. Recent descriptions by the Russians that the USA is “not-agreement-capable” - see the third paragraph of


for example, suggest to me that building trust and really developing mechanisms for cooperation will require much effort and time. Utmost good faith on the part of all involved also.

The Twisted Genius

Harper, you are absolutely right. The Trump administration should be talking with Putin's government. They should also be talking with the Assad government and the Rouhani government. I applaud his willingness to talk with KJU. That's far better for all of us than threatening him with destruction of his country.

And English Outsider's comment that "Maybe if detente occurs R2P could switch from meaning fomenting local division to meaning straight disaster relief" is one of the most magnificent ideas I have heard in a long time. EO deserves an award for that concept.


In spite of neo and zio cons in Administration, Trump seems intent on using occasion of Mueller exoneration to start talks with Russia. Trump initiated call with Putin and Pompeo is to meet Lavrov soon. Trump is the decider, and if Bolton, Pompeo and others try to sabotage, as they've already been doing, either Trump capitulates or has to dump them. New Yorker allegations that Bolton called Trump a moron a good start, but New Yorker not on Trump's favorite reading list, so impact was minimal.

Ukrainian elections could bode well for deposing neo-Nazi Banderists from their perch in Kiev. New president elected as an "anyone but Poroshenko" candidate. US got a reality TV president, Ukraine now has a sit-com president. Can't be worse than Ukraine leadership installed by Nuland and NATO.

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