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05 May 2019


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different clue

Though sometimes the people who got us into this mess could be useful guides on the path out if they can be broken to obedience to a new set of people in power and authority.

Joseph Kennedy was a noted stock swindler and worker of the financial rackets. His intimate knowledge of the Thousand Forms of Fraud made FDR decide that Kennedy would be uniquely useful as the thief one sets to catch a thief . . . . crafting and enforcing regulations at the New Deal-era SEC.


Corbyn is a wannabe communist America-hater and not all that bright BTW.

different clue

I gather that Rachel Maddow is regarded as being "on the Left". But if one looks closer at "the Left" one sees that there are several Lefts, some overlapping more, some less. Those who find "The" Left to be problematic will probably find all of the Lefts to be more or less problematic. Still, it can be interesting to see one Left kick another Left around some.

In that spirit, there is a Leftist political comedian named Jimmy Dore. He can be loud and sometimes foul-mouthed and sometimes repetitious to the point of "beating the fading stain where a dead horse used to be". But I thought his analytical beat-down of Rachel Maddow just shortly after the Mueller Report was coming out to be very interesting, and to me very cheering. ( I have disliked Rachel Maddow for some time). Anyway, here is the Jimmy Dore presentation on Rachel Maddow.



Wait until Maddow starts to outright praise Trump if he orders military action in some country that is on the hit list of the swamp dwellers.

You could see small, short-lived glimpses of this CNN and MSNBC glee when Trump ordered the missile strikes on Syria in April 2017 - I wonder how the hyperliberal Maddow audience would react to it if it happens again and becomes a persistent propaganda point in her show.

Christian J Chuba

Did Pompeo have any role in the Iraq 2003 debacle?

I haven't been able to find any but he just seems too perfect a character to have been totally on the sidelines but then again we had a surplus of these dreadful souls.


I think Pompey was still out in Kansas then.


Bolton is certainly an awesome guy.

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