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05 May 2019


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But they'll great us as liberators! Then Trump can be just like Jeb's brother. Mission accomplished!

Lynn hue

Now you’re talking, fully on board with you, and many many more must be dumped before some sense is back on the Potomac...


With all due respect Colonel, I think it is clear that Trump has made a concious decision to join with the neocons. He doesn't have the cajones to go his own way. I wish I could say that I am confident that Bernie would stand up to the neocons, but I am not. The only major political figure who has what it takes, in my opinion, is Corbyn.


James T - Yes, he is with them now but a creep like him will dump anyone who looks to be too expensive.


My take is that a deal was done: Mueller's exoneration in return for neocons in charge. Mueller could have exonerated Trump at any point during the last year, but he had to wait until it was clear that Trump was following their guidance. Trump's self-humiliation in Hanoi was probably the event that finally made it official--neocons are in charge and free to overrule Trump.

The earlier efforts at entrapment outlined by Larry Johnson were the borg's attempts to get some goodies on Trump, to make him pliable as needed. When these failed, they had to hang the Mueller investigation and possible impeachment over his head until he cried 'uncle.' Then he was exonerated.

robt willmann

An outline of a secret plan from the U.S. Southern Command (Southcom) to do regime change in Venezuela was allegedly leaked in 2018. Whether the 12-page document is authentic or propaganda/disinformation is not known at this time, but it is dated 23 February 2018, and appears at these website locations--



The Twisted Genius

I agree. Trump has no sense of loyalty to any of these jackasses or the policies they are pushing. There is hope in that. Unfortunately, he has no sense of loyalty to anyone else or any other ideas beyond what will contribute to his self aggrandizement and personal wealth. He doesn't give a damn about Venezuela. He doesn't give a damn about getting out of Syria or staying in. I'm convinced he doesn't give a damn about MAGA either... only to the extent it feeds his ego.

As a corollary of this, Trump has never been disposed to "colluding" with Russia. That would require him to either submit to Russian objectives or cooperate in the achievement of those objectives. His personality is just not suitable for becoming a controlled asset of anyone. Since his election, I see nothing in his policies that could be attributed to any quid pro quo stemming from collusion.


What is your bet on the man at head of SouthCom, Adm, Craig S.Faller...he looks like a younger clon of Pence...although not so creepy, more smiling, bu that smile have something of sinister, imo....


I wonder whether they are clonning them in a serial way....When I think about that, a chill runs down my spine, but soon I get myself together again to get to the issue and think about giving accelerated martial arts and shooting lessons...You know, I want to defend myself from these morons warmongers... to have at least an opportunity, as the Venezuelan militias...



There had always been plans for regime change in Venezuela since Chavez took over and the Venezuelan people regained its sovereignty, as well as in other LatinAmerican nations whenever they have had a government of leftist/socialist tendence...
Although in Spanish, this video of some years ago is very graphic and didactic, you may want to check it out:


Andrei Martyanov (aka SmoothieX12)

Trump is on record with his admiration for John Bolton before elections.

John Merryman

From a personal sense, Bolton seems like someone who never got over being bullied as a kid, while Pompeo seems like the class bully. Wonder how they get along.


Corbyn? That man can't even make up his mind on whether he wants the UK to stay in the EU or not.



I agree with you almost completely - the one difference being that I think it was Trump's diplomatic recognition of the Israeli annexation of the Golan Heights that "sealed the deal". This was a huge win for the neocons.


I see more Bolton as those cowards who always join the bully in the bulling so that not being elected to be bullied.

All that rage in his face, which makes him appearing completely red so often, is the result of wanting to be a bully not having the full requirements, especially the size.... He is always in lack of something, never being able to do anything by himself, if not by imitation/association, and even either...Thus, what to say, the ethernal bully aspirant?

This is why he enjoys so much giving speeches at places where bullies meet.... like those organized by Mujahedeen E Khalk....All the more when this happens under substantious payement....


Rick Merlotti

A simple question. Who can any president hire in today’s world that has both expertise and honor? The whole Generals thing may have been an attempt to circumvent the paucity of honorable talent. Didn’t work out so well. Problem is, the Swamp creatures make it damn near impossible to bring on fresh faces without a Swamp pedigree. And then there’s an open question as to whether there are any independent thinkers left in this country with the smarts and the balls to take it to the Borg.

I’m not being facetious. I’m really wondering if such people exist anymore. I like Tulsi (gave her some dough, too), Rand Paul, you. Others, anyone?


Larry Johnson, Harper, Fred and TTG/

Rick Merlotti

Well yes, when I said “You”, I meant this Committee of Coorespondence. But could you guys get past nominations and into positions of power?

Timothy Hagios

I read elsewhere that Rachel Maddow is taking Bolton's side. Not really surprising, but what makes her an especially loathsome hypocrite is that around 10 years ago she wrote a book called Drift, in which she alleges that politicians are increasingly supportive of militaristic adventures due to a lack of family in the military. And now here she is, shilling for war, undoubtedly due at least in part to a lack of personal stake in the outcome.


Working for Trump would be interesting to say the least.


Rule#1: The people who got America into this mess are not the people who can get us out of it.


'Problem is, the Swamp creatures make it damn near impossible to bring on fresh faces without a Swamp pedigree'

Indeed, Swamp 'Nepotism' makes it impossible. You cant get any 'clean' people into government until you get rid of the head swamp creatures that keep them out.
FYI Jared Kushner and his friends pick/suggest most of the people Trump appoints to agencies and hires for the WH.

I mostly gave up on our government when I discovered the US-Israel relationship abomination. Still my head explodes when I observe that the US has turned over a ME Isr/Pa 'peace making deal' to 3 Jewish/zionist characters, Kushner, Jason Greenblatt, Trumps former personal attorney, and David Freidman, his bankruptcy attorney....all of whom have donated in the past to the illegal settlement groups.

Evidently no one in Washington has ever heard of the quaint Conflict Of Interest vetting that use to be done in the good old days.

Jonathan House, MD

On this day, the first day of Ramadan, the SAA has seemingly launched a major offensive on/in Idlib. I hope that you, Col., or TTG and/or others will keep us informed of your thinking, analysis, speculations as the situation develops.
With thanks in advance, Jonathan House

English Outsider

I had thought that was fake. It reads so. Is there any provenance given?


Bolton only, seriously? ...



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