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16 May 2019


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Agreed, there is a very fine line being walked here in heavy footwear. China has patience and quite naturally plays the long game which of its own gives an advantage. Any ruler of China knows their Confucius — 'The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm. It has not been hard to see China as the green reed bending to the wind for some time now which has made it difficult for Western policy makers, they push, the reed bends, they turn and the reed springs back. The Chinese I have spoken too within the anonymity of travel when the conversation has turned in that direction have all indicated a willingness to accept, indeed an expectation of war with America and have no illusions as to its potential cost to them. A cost that is deemed acceptable ( preserving Face) whereas they voice scepticism of Americans willingness to accept that cost, such a war will not be distant from the Continental USA. You can but hope that a great Presidential administration comes along to navigate these increasingly troubled waters.

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