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17 May 2019


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This is very interesting because I have assumed these attacks were faked - always designed to hurt the Syrians!

What is the status of this report - will it be released officially at some point?


The British authors sent me the document. They may choose to answer your questions.

Mark McCarty

The OPCW has indicated, in a response to Peter Hitchens, that they are attempting to identify the leaker - presumably so they can fire him.


The OPCW is evidently a corrupt tool of Western interests, and all of their previous assertions and conclusions must now be viewed with this in mind.


A timely warning given the current war drums on the Potomac. Who is likely to be responsible for killing these 32 people?

Paul McKeigue

In response to enquiries about this story from journalists, the OCW public affairs office issued a statement yesterday (16 May). The final paragraph was:
``Pursuant to its established policies and practices, the OPCW Technical Secretariat is conducting an internal investigation about the unauthorised release of the document in question. At this time, there is no further public information on this matter and the OPCW is unable to accommodate requests for interviews’’
This can be taken as confirmation that the document is genuine. This statement from OPCW public affairs also included the sentence:
``Per OPCW rules and regulations, and in order to ensure the privacy, safety, and security of personnel, the OPCW does not provide information about individual staff members of the Technical Secretariat.’’
They had of course violated this rule in their earlier statement on 11 May in which they stated that “the individual mentioned in the document [Ian Henderson] has never been a member of the FFM”. As we point out in the commentary above, this is provably false.
Following this press release, spin on the document was apparently channelled through three individuals in the UK who have been associated with communications in support of regime change in Syria: Professor Scott Lucas of Birmingham University, the former Guardian journalist Brian Whitaker, and Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat. Each claimed to have inside information.
Lucas reported that:
``Henderson was writing what was, in effect, a dissenting assessment from that of most of the OPCW’s team and consultant experts. His findings were considered but were a minority opinion as final report was written.’’
He followed this with a tweet asserting that ``I know how OPCW review process was conducted and what place Henderson’s assessment had in it.’’
Whitaker reported that
``One story circulating in the chemical weapons community (though not confirmed) is that Henderson had wanted to join the FFM and got rebuffed but was then given permission to do some investigating on the sidelines of the FFM.’’
Higgins extended Whitaker’s version with
``This reporting by @Brian_Whit on the leaked Douma report that the conspiracy theorists and chemical weapon denialists are so excited about is consistent with what I’m hearing. Looks like they all got played by a disgruntled OPCW employee.’’


Chlorine gas is not an effective chemical weapon. A person has to be engulfed in the chlorine cloud long enough to inhale an amount necessary to kill but most people would feel the fumes, or see the cloud, and have enough time to escape. They would have to be locked in a room to breathe a fatal dose, especially since each bomb in this case is too small to release enough chlorine to make it an effective weapon.


160 tons of chlorine was used in WWI at Yepres.


Leaking government secrets will set you free....



Which government?


This is a rerun.
Patrick Armstrong details a previous effort at phony bomb placement to
provoke further attacks on Syria


It was discussed here in 2016 also but this data is new.

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