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20 April 2019


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Excellent work. As we feared Bolton and his imperialists are running the show even against congress.

Eugene Owens

Look to the son-in-law to see who is responsible for Trump’s decision to veto the resolution. Although Bolton probably put his two cents in.

But it seems we keep blaming others for Trump's bad judgement. He is supposed to be his own man. I'm beginning to consider Weld or whoever for the next primary.

English Outsider

Anne Coulter seems to agree -


But whatever the reason, we're a sad long way from 2016.


We also need to see more of your description of her opinion.

Eugene Owens

EO -

I'm definitely not a fan of Anthrax Annie. She is as bad or worse than Bolton on foreign policy. If she is for Weld, then I'm looking elsewhere. Definitely not Romney as he used Bolton as a policy advisor in his 2012 run.

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