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20 April 2019


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Fred - Whether it was the Intelligence agencies or not, the entire Republican campaign about Obama's birth was designed to either to,at worst, neuter his Presidency, or at best, to drive him out of the Presidency for being a non-citizen. Whether it is called an illegal coup or political infighting is a matter of whose Ox is getting gored.

Larry Johnson

Don't be an idiot. Obama's birth was an issue because he refused to release, initially,his birth records. Why? Because he was trying to cover up the fact that he had been adopted by Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia. That fact was reflected on the original birth certificate. I know for a fact that Obama's team, with John Brennan in the lead, went to Indonesia and cleaned up his records.

This was not a dirty trick by an opposition political party. It was not a dirty trick by the CIA and FBI. Your willful blindness on this is just sad. Deal with the damn facts.

English Outsider

Please do, Colonel. If it's OK we'd like to retain England though. We're sort of attached to it. But you'd have to fight Brussels for it in any case, way things are going.

On second thought not Minorca. If memory serves it's where Aubrey met Maturin. And the early books were by far the best. Gibralter, perhaps? They seem a little unsettled over there at the moment.


I had "Master and Commander" in mind.


Laura - You are Muslim?



It remains to be seen whose ox will receive the worst goring.

Mark McCarty

Larry, here's my take on your excellent essay:


Larry Johnson

Thank you. Very generous.


What is the significance of the adoption of Barrack Obama by Lolo Soetoro? Does it effect his eligibility to serve as president? Is there any evidence that BO (or any of his relatives) was an agent or asset of an intelligence agency? Many thanks.

Larry Johnson

The significance is that it would have been politically embarrassing. It would have given the Republicans and other Democrats proof to argue that Barack was a foreigner. The adoption did not change Obama’s status as an AMCIT. But it would have been a political image problem.

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