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26 April 2019


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First , I appriciate your honesty about the whitey affair . Sounds like a dirty Hillary trick . I'm of the opinion that used the facts behind the spying on trump are known , many will claim that they were doing what they thought was the right thing . The ole national security . Like Brennan saying maybe he had bad information . I don't believe that but recognize many wanted to believe the worst because of their deep hatred for trump . And some might have been true believers in the righteousness of their cause to incpvestigate trump. What really bothers me is the attitude displayed by many that the end justifies the means . That and your assumed guilty until you can prove your innocence . Mueller is dirty , he has a long history of it .Levin is right . Obviously the fourth amendment rights of American citizens were violated . Mueller glossed over the Steele dossier and that shows that for him and his team , Russian interference in our election wasn't as important as hurting Trump by writing the report as an op-Ed . I'm hoping the Judge over the FISA court does the right thing . Admiral Rogers is probably a hero who not only blew the Whisle but warned Trump that he was being spied upon . Again , sounds like Hillary and her useful idiots . Thanks for staying the course !
A lie doesn't become true even when it is popular and the truth doesn't become a lie even when it stands alone . God bless

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