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30 April 2019


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Corporate main stream media part and parcel of the game...

Bill H

"The first obstacle is our Constitution, which has a non-interventionism clause and that allows wars only for self-defense."

Please cite the article and clause which contains that prohibition. I just re-read the text of the constitution and cannot find it.


Bill H We are discussing the Brazilian constitution?



Arbenz is a valid example of your thesis, perhaps the best one. Give me other examples please.


Seems like there are no true Scotsmen in the world - and also nowhere "real Communism", because those who had called themselves Communists have always failed miserably when trying to establish their utopia. But that is certainly not the fault of their utopian ideas, right?

Eric Newhill

What B says does not reflect my understanding of the situation in Venezuela.

Chavez attempted societal reform based on petro dollars. This worked for a while oil was expensive and it could have been the start of a good thing, but Chavez took a left turn. Rather than diversify the economy and invest in education, land reform and other infrastructure, Chavez centralized the economy. He decided to simply purchase what was needed (medicine, food, cars... everything) from other countries. Since these purchases were subsidized, it drove domestic producers out of business (they couldn't compete). Then Chavez purchased the domestic producers and made them govt owned. he also borrowed from other countries to keep all of that going. Of course, he and his cronies pocketed vast wealth for themselves too.

Then oil prices fell. The country owed money and it had lost the means of domestic production.

So, naturally, massive inflation kicked in. Maduro inherited this mess and did exactly what was needed to make it worse, including corruption like allowing himself and his buddies to enjoy a decent exchange rate, but forcing the people to trade at incredibly disadvantageous rates.

But if you want to believe the Uncle Sam - the dreaded Yankees - caused all of this unfair destruction of a socialist paradise, then knock yourself out. Your unreachable.


If I may, another example might be the US backed military coup against Brazilian reformist president João Goulart.

His attempt to manage an independent and unaligned foreign policy, nurture a broad center-left populist coalition under the banner of the Brazilian Labor Party, and a series of mild reforms similar to what Arbenz proposed in Guatemala were considered too radical by the USG.

In December of 1962, Goulart and Kennedy spoke for three hours, with Kennedy objecting to the inclusion of Communists, nationalists, leftists and anti-Americans in Goulart's government and putting an ultimatum to Goulart to make his government more in line with the USG's concerns or face economic pressure.

At the same time, JFK directed CIA to "do something" about Brazil and they responded by creating the climate for a coup, identifying and nurturing plotters, and organizing efforts to provide material and military support to the coup plotters.



The worst part is that incompetent socialists like Maduro have their position strengthened by attacks from Washington. The same thing happened with Mugabe in my opinion - the more "the west" criticized him, the more his base supported him.


Maduro is terrible and has to go - but it is worth noting that the rest of the region has serious problems too. I saw 13 year old girls prostituting themselves in the street in Medellin while policemen looked on and did nothing. I saw nothing like that in Caracas. Venezuela is not the only country in the region that has problems with poverty and injustice.

Ben Norton tweeted this from Colombia on the human rights situation there:

blue peacock

You clearly don't understand the crude market or commodities markets in general. I began my career on an oil trading desk. Manipulation only works at the margins when the size of the markets are large. Crude prices wax and wane primarily driven by supply & demand. All the peak oil cultists were wrong. US is producing more oil than it ever has.

Russian economy didn't collapse. Their economy didn't go into a Depression. Oil is their primary product. You don't want to accept that the Venezuelan economy was mismanaged under Chavez. Apparently for ideological reasons. Unfortunately that's the reality. When crude prices dropped they could have produced more but they didn't. The reality is that under Chavez & Maduro Venezuelan crude production has fallen despite having large reserves.


stilllearning I am unfamiliar with the case.

Bill H

Sorry, I misread the comment. Somehow my feeble mind did jumped right over the "I do not see how Brazil would end up..." Duh.

I was about to comment on the "capability of the military" bit as well (i.e. "It certainly does have the capability."), and am glad I didn't, as it would have made me look even more stupid. I'm not expert on the US military, which restrained my comment, and am even less expert on the Brazilian military.


Hallabina Could have interfered with European politics but did not.


Ah, sorry, Abrams is the worst of the lot.


The way you "understand" it, Eric, is just a recitation of US Dept of State talking points, points which have been repeatedly proven to ignore key events like Trump's sanctions, for instance, or the Saudis' 2014 dump into the oil markets, or basic facts like a key part of the Chavista plan was to diversify the economy--except they were interrupted by repeated US-sponsored coups and other meddling in their economy.


Yap, you're catching on, there, Fred: Rape like you understand it is not the same thing as Rape as Sweden understands it.

No, the article is not "out of date"--the laws haven't changed. Legally, the situation remains the same and instances of rape have declined since then.

Finally, the area where the vast majority of refugees have settled--Malmo--ranks #5 of the worst places for rape in Sweden. Or in other words: there are four places in Sweden where there are far more blonde-haired blue-eyed Swedes raping women than there are in Malmo. a 4:1 ratio of white-on-white rape.

Wrap your haid around that, Fraid.


Then Chavez purchased the domestic producers and made them govt owned.

He did? I didn't know. I would have assumed a socialist simply expropriates. If he purchased their property, how would financing a revolution help them to get back their possession? Legally, I mean. And I sure don't know the first thing about Venezuelan private law.

Chavez attempted societal reform based on petro dollars.
you mean, he made US taxpayers like you pay the bill for his social security, to stop people from immigrating to the US? For instance?

he also borrowed from other countries to keep all of that going. Of course, he and his cronies pocketed vast wealth for themselves too. ... Then oil prices fell. The country owed money and it had lost the means of domestic production.

What was worse, the lower oil price, thus less dollars, all the money "his cronies pocketed", debts, or inflation?

And who do you feel is correct on inflation theoretically von Hayek or Keynes?


I guess, I would like to stay in the center between the two of you. And I have no time to proofread this, Fred. Other thing may matter too, details. I thought Malmö not Stockholm was declared the European rape capital. I may not be up to date though.

Yes, no doubt, Sweden may have one of the most liberal gender legislations in Europe, as Pacifica writes. And it may matter. There is also something like „Kvinnofrid“, peace with woman, which means, somewhat comparable to the US, prostitution is forbidden since 1998. You cannot buy a women legally. Now surely humans being humans that did not abolish prostitution. But: Could a refugee afford it at all, if it were? ...


Concerning rape statistics, comparatively across let's say the West, we are no doubt comparing apples and pears, so to speak, based on different reporting methods, based on different laws. Laws shaping reporting. But it surely makes great headlines without the given context.

Shift: Let' us move beyond Europe to an international perspective. Differences East and West North and South? How do Middle Eastern countries deal with rape? Is it a crime at all? Can you rape your wife there? ...

Strictly, personally, I seem to pay more attention if rape is connected with murder. It is often a simple he-saids-he-said matter, after all. No other relevant evidence, that cannot be faked, no witnesses. yes, we did have three significant cases over here. Three females, a young student and two girls killed by refugees/immigrants. I have no idea how many others were killed during the time that may matter to you. I am aware of two other cases, no immigrants involved in those. They had lesser attention.

Now your perspective are the refugees, I guess: Could this have to do with Middle/"Near" Eastern country's customs, legal systems? Does rape exist in the Koran? What about the way boys are brought up there? ...

Or is there a deeper anti-Western layers involved, at least by now, post GWOT? You destroy our way of living, and don't even help us after? At least not the way, we expect you to help us?

Oh, it is:
As long as women adhere to the standard female status, clothes, and behavior? Only?

Perspective shift: if the numbers of foreigners among unknown perpetrators are significant statistically; how significant or what percentage do they represent among their overall ethnic group in let's say Sweden, Norway, Italy or Greece? Or you feel it only happens in Sweden? The Iraqi that killed a young student of medicine in Freiburg, Germany, had attempted to kill a woman in Greece before, but failed. Curiously enough, he wasn't arrested.


I want our assess handed to us. I've had quite enough of the US trying to kick governments that we don't like in the teeth. A plus would be to see Guaido, Abrams and Bolton dragged through the street by a tank.


Something tells me you have not paid attention to the more recent discoveries in the Hiss case from the VENONA program. On March 5, 1945, the overall chief of KGB operations in the US, Anatoly Gorsky, sent a cable to Moscow which is now known as VENONA 1822. It was intercepted and partially decrypted. It provides an important clue about ALES ('Alles'). ALES was the code name for a high state department figure who had involved his family in espionage and had been in Washington DC working for the soviets since 1935. Now it was revealed that ALES had been at Yalta. After considerable study scholars both pro and anti Hiss now agree that ALES could only have been one of three persons: Stettinius; Wilder Foote; or Alger Hiss.

Wilder Foote was not even in Washington until 1941. He had spent the years 1931-1941 in Vermont as owner publisher editor of three newspapers. Case as far as I am concerned, is closed.

Eric Newhill

I'm sure the way you understand just sounds like a recitation of Fidel Castro talking points.


Shenanigans! I calls 'em.
This is about weasel-wording and obfuscation.
In Sweden the male immigrants are responsible for a big increase
in crime statistics.
This includes violent non-consensual sex.
The Swedish administration refuses to make the numbers public
and opts for the velvet glove treatment coupled with unhealthy denial.



You should read up on more recent scholarship, and not restrict yourself to the "Hiss was guilty! It's proven!" crowd--there's plenty of evidence that line of reasoning is specious and false.

Here's one take:



And then there's the little fact that Time Magazine, in the 1950s, was essentially just a mouthpiece for the CIA; that Whittaker Chambers was (and remains) a proven liar on too many occasions to count; and that virtually all of the evidence used to indict Hiss have been demonstrated to be pure fabrications, either of Nixon's own hyperbole or actual forgeries produced on a specially-rigged typewriter.

There is ample evidence to show that the characterization of Hiss as a spy was entirely a fiction invented by the China Lobby in an effort to eliminate a political obstacle and advance the career of one of it's own: Richard Nixon.



Sophistry as a fine art. Congratulations.

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