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30 April 2019


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Something tells me you have not paid attention to the more recent discoveries in the Hiss case from the VENONA program. On March 5, 1945, the overall chief of KGB operations in the US, Anatoly Gorsky, sent a cable to Moscow which is now known as VENONA 1822. It was intercepted and partially decrypted. It provides an important clue about ALES ('Alles'). ALES was the code name for a high state department figure who had involved his family in espionage and had been in Washington DC working for the soviets since 1935. Now it was revealed that ALES had been at Yalta. After considerable study scholars both pro and anti Hiss now agree that ALES could only have been one of three persons: Stettinius; Wilder Foote; or Alger Hiss.

Wilder Foote was not even in Washington until 1941. He had spent the years 1931-1941 in Vermont as owner publisher editor of three newspapers. Case as far as I am concerned, is closed.

Eric Newhill

I'm sure the way you understand just sounds like a recitation of Fidel Castro talking points.


Shenanigans! I calls 'em.
This is about weasel-wording and obfuscation.
In Sweden the male immigrants are responsible for a big increase
in crime statistics.
This includes violent non-consensual sex.
The Swedish administration refuses to make the numbers public
and opts for the velvet glove treatment coupled with unhealthy denial.



You should read up on more recent scholarship, and not restrict yourself to the "Hiss was guilty! It's proven!" crowd--there's plenty of evidence that line of reasoning is specious and false.

Here's one take:



And then there's the little fact that Time Magazine, in the 1950s, was essentially just a mouthpiece for the CIA; that Whittaker Chambers was (and remains) a proven liar on too many occasions to count; and that virtually all of the evidence used to indict Hiss have been demonstrated to be pure fabrications, either of Nixon's own hyperbole or actual forgeries produced on a specially-rigged typewriter.

There is ample evidence to show that the characterization of Hiss as a spy was entirely a fiction invented by the China Lobby in an effort to eliminate a political obstacle and advance the career of one of it's own: Richard Nixon.



Sophistry as a fine art. Congratulations.


Bless your heart, you believe the important thing about legislation is the gender of its author. BTW Senator Harris supports legalization of prostitution .


Looks like the neocon track record of failure still stands at 100%.


Really? This is the “worst part” of US interventionism and not the roughly 40,000 unnecessary deaths already as a result of illegal US sanctions? Some things are more important than ideology. Persons, for example.


The bay of pigs was a trap. The CIA swallowed the line, the float and the embalmer.
That was the opinion of an old French colonel, specialized in intelligence.

The coup in Venezuela was also a trap.
These screw-ups are starting to worry. A private company that is so wrong would not have much future.


>>>In Sweden the male immigrants are responsible for a big increase
in crime statistics

aThis is a demonstrable falsehood, and I have already provided the numbers that prove it.

>>>The Swedish administration refuses to make the numbers public
and opts for the velvet glove treatment coupled with unhealthy denial

A myth invented by far-right-wing white supremacist worshippers of hyper-masculine amphetamine-fueled Death Metal, to distract from the fact that the vast majority of sexual assaults (US definition)/rapes (Swedish definition) are attributable to their rotten lot.


Well, first of all, it has been my experience in capital murder cases that go on for a long time, that you will sometimes feel the ground shifting and the facts of the case changing a little, as the appellate process adjusts to new possibilities and counter arguments. Lowenthal, Hiss's longtime lawyer, changed his opinion about the Venona intercepts, didn't he? They could not argue that there was a translation problem after the original Russian one was finally released. One problem in a murder appeals process is finding someone to point the finger at as an alternative to you. In the Roger Coleman case this led to a big settlement by a Washington law firm. I can't help noticing, after a quick reading, that Lowenthal doesn't even mention Wilder Foote as of 2000. Wilder Foote's name is dragged in seven years later.

If there had only been a Dodge or Studebaker truck factory in Vermont in 1932 that might have made a difference to my thinking. Have you ever been to Vermont? You are so far back of beyond up there that the stop signs up near Jay's Peak are also in French. Arrete! I have never seen that anywhere in the US but up there. You are practically in Quebec. Do you think the GRU was interested in covered bridges?

If the GRU had recruited Wilder Foote at Harvard or shortly thereafter during his year of studying abroad, don't you think they would have ordered him to go to Washington by 1933 or so. Foote, at thirty-six was actually given an honorary degree by Middlebury College. He was that good. His father was a famous Unitarian theologian. He could easily have gotten a job in the war department or somewhere more to the GRU's suiting. As was they were grousing about ALES' diplomatic poop, which obviously bored them.

I am more interested in Wilder Foote because of his connection to Dag Hammarskjold. All this has finally led me to buy 'Markings'. And by the way, you want conspiracy? I wonder what Foote thought of his friend's death, how it happened. Foote's story takes us back to the Cold war, back to Patrice Lumumba, back to the mercenaries, the Congo, the uranium mines, the NASA signals collected by Kagnew Station --possibly even from the pilots of the UN plane if they were being fired on --right back into 'Africa Addio' if you know that strange film. Anyway, fair enough, the case against Foote such as it is, is here for those interested. Surely you notice that his accusers seem a little bit conflicted, noting, for example how he does seem to be kind of a standup guy. I would love to know who got his papers. Cheers!


Unlike you, Eric, I deal in facts--not ideological-based fantasies.

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