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13 April 2019


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Hi Pat,

a good decision.


Always love reading your words as well as the comments. I commute by bus for 2 hours twice a week. The print in Disqus is just too damn small to read on a smart phone so have stopped reading. I would only post three or four times a year.


jackrabbit - at 10,000 hits per day I think SST has little chance of more readership. You all are just too smart to make good playmates for the rabble that infest most sites.


David Habakkuk | 13 April 2019 at 09:54 AM

Disqus comment threads for previous SST articles are still available at the Disqus site itself. They are not searchable by article, comment or user. The articles are listed in reverse chronological order by default. Seems like you can scroll down through older articles as long as your patience holds out.

You can't click on the article title itself to see the related Disqus comments - that will just bring you back here to (previous articles) empty comment sections. You have to click on the comment count at the bottom of each article, e.g., "36 Comments".

List of Disqus SST articles:

" ... Six US Agencies Conspired ..." w/Disqus comments:

I tried a test posting to that article through the Disqus page and it went into the Disqus approval queue to die a slow death.

different clue

I am not digitally knowledgeable enough to understand the deeper problems other people are reporting due to disqus. At my shallower level, I note that disqus keeps sending me unwanted emails. Also,
when I am using the public library computers, I can't even sign on with disqus at all. That was never a problem with TypePad.

After reading what PavewayIV has written about the Indian company Zeta buying numerous web and net entities in order to turn them into undisclosed spycams for Zeta; I think it would be nice if PavewayIV or someone else could publish the whole list of all the companies Zeta bought, so we can avoid all these tainted spycam companies.

English Outsider

Colonel - on the comment section of SST, I shall try Paveway IV's method detailed above and hope that those comments remain accessible using this method.

In the past I also used Wayback to access older articles and comments. I found that faster. Wayback does not seem as easy to use now and it would be good if one of your contributors better versed in IT than am I could state whether this method still works.

English Outsider



Colonel - You can ask Disqus to export all their SST articles/comments into a single archive file, which they will then email to you. It would be nice to have even though you have no desire to beat it back into Typepad. They'll export it in WordPad format and compress it. A relatively competent computer geek can work with that if you ever want to use the data. That export request can be made on your Disqus admin page if you still have access.

different clue - Zeta Global isn't an Indian company, they just ship the IT jobs there (or other cheaper offshore locations) when gutting their latest acquisitions. Zeta's HQ is in Midtown Manhattan, but they have offices all over the world. Disqus was Silicon Valley/San Francisco.

You probably can't long on to Disqus at your library because of the web activity trackers Disqus tries to use before it shows you any content. Same reason it doesn't work if you use tracker blocking software like Privacy Badger, or if your anti-virus software on your computer or phone block invisible trackers.

Zeta's list of acquisitions wouldn't be of much help unless you're familiar with the AI/Big Data/Analytics space. Buying Disqus for the user base was sort of a one-off for them.


Zeta's biggest source of primary data is their corporate customers. So unless you can avoid using your identity, email or logon ID for your pharmacy, bank, ISP, airline, mobile phone or utility web sites, then they'll potentially know who you are. And, of course, if you're one of the 100+ million that ever had a Disqus account, then they at least have your email and IP address for one point in time.

Zeta is only one company in the customer relationship management space. If you could magically delete all of their information on you (you can't, and they can't), then there will still be a dozen other CRM companies doing the same thing. Facebook, Twitter and Google have their own spin on this, too.

One of Zeta's co-founders is John Sculley of Apple. Maybe some of you oldsters remember his marketing campaign for the Macintosh computer back in 1984: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtvjbmoDx-I


I deputize you to ask them. Thanks. Pat


If we uncollapsed the document and posted it in its entirety it should be searchable with our SST search engine.

Barbara Ann

Great to hear it may be possible to obtain the old comments, for posterity's sake if nothing else.

I'll put my hand up as a "relatively competent computer geek" if I can be of help Colonel. Rebuilding the blog + comments may require something like exporting each post, deleting it and then re-importing a copy with the comments included. I am sure I could automate this using the archive file PavewayIV describes. It would require admin access to the blog to do this of course, so if you already have a trusted computer geek all the better.


I can't. It has to be requested from the SST owner account's admin page on Disqus. Nobody else has permission to access the magic export button, and Disqus will only send the email with the archive download link back to the owners account. That's if it's even successful on their end (questionable). Probably not worth the trouble, and no sense breaking the comment history available there now.

BTW, the comments here are appearing (to me) in flat mode sorted by time, making it difficult to follow replies. If everyone else is seeing comments this way, it's probably because TypePad Connect (comment display) defaults that way when you turn it back on. You would want to change to 'threaded'. TypePad describes the procedure as:

How do I set the default comment sorting for my blog?

From the Settings tab, scroll to the section called "Display on your blog." Under Layout Options select Threaded or Flat, sorted as your comment display option.

Disclaimer: I am not licensed to practice TypePad in any state.


Barbara Ann and Paveway IV. The Disqus compressed file has been requested. I will let you know when it arrives and I expect your help.


Well, that'll teach me! Glad to help, though.

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