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29 April 2019


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Pat, the disregard for a persons, especially a female's, personal space is what I always deeply disliked. Both verbal and physical. Maybe someone close to me showed exactly those features?

Perfect observation, well written:
On that occasion the Arab in my company was so bold as to express a hope that peace could be achieved through a two state solution. Biden flew into a rage and yelled at him that if he did not admit that Arab intransigence was wholly responsible for Israel's problems, he would physically throw his visitor out of the offices. Biden's staff handlers glowed with satisfaction. It was clear that the staffies wanted to expose him to Middle Easterners from time to time for the purpose of keeping him focused on the issue.

When was that? Strictly, I wonder to what extend handlers are still necessary nowadays.

Peter VE

Any one who publicly boasts that he has stopped Ukraine from investigating the company who paid his son's firm $2,000,000 per year can't be too bright.

Bill H

This is going to be an interesting primary. I'm by no means a Trump supporter, but the Democrats have just become unhinged.

The Democratic field is not just large and "diverse," it is out of touch with the public and with reality in a great variety of different ways. Each candidate is appealing to a different "interest group" (minority). Harris advocates reparations for the "victims of slavery," Warren a "wealth tax" to pay off student loans, Biden courts the establishment, Sanders counts on the college dropout crowd...

The media is spinning like a top as they woo and worship first one and then the other. As for Biden, the media was plucking his corpse before he announced, and they are damning him with faint praise now. They will become buzzards again soon enough.


Joanna/Barbara/LeAnder - Why the new name?

Eric Newhill

I am playing with the idea that the Democrats know they can't win the White House in 2020 as they are lacking anyone with the talent and are fighting against an excellent economy with policies that the majority of Americans don't want (or at least the majority from an electoral college perspective).

Thus, they are reverting to plan B - stay on a message that will keep their congressional districts secure.

Biden is just an artifact from the faction that still holds out some hope of being able to appeal to normal Americans and to not face a total slaughter in 2020 presidential contest.

Gabbard would have been the better choice, but she's out by default because she's ardently against the FP Borg.

Biden is not only too old for the job, but his deficiencies - that you point out - are pretty obvious to anyone watching the man in action. But he does appear more stable and normal than the other candidates. And there is all of the monkey business with his son and the Ukraine that would surely present a problem.

E Publius

Hello sir,

I would like to comment on the post above if I may?
The question that has been really bugging me for a long time is that why aren't more people speaking out about him, politicians like him and the tribe that they belong to, i.e.the tribe of New Democrats? I mean, why do people like Biden whose voting record, behaviors, policies, etc. are out there in the open still get elected to U.S. Senate for 40+ years? Why do people vote for him, and not Ralph Nader? Are corporations and PACs "REALLY THAT POWERFUL that keep people like him afloat? Why don't people care about the real problems that the American society is afflicted with? Do the American people really think that people like Biden would solve the Opiod Crisis? or the crmbling infrastructure? or mindless military interventions abroad? or the automation? or the healthcare? For heaven's sake, the problem is not in the Middle East, or Russia or Venezuela or else. The problem is right here in the Congress with people like Biden, Menendez, Graham, Schumer, Cruz, Rubio, Pelosi,...Why can't there be people like Ron Paul, or the late Bill Fullbright or McGovern in the congress? why don't people care about their own country and its leaders who govern them??? Sir, what do you think about all this?

Sometime ago, I came across this video by this YouTuber, Mark Dice who was at a popular beach in Southern California where he interviews young and older people there and asks them all kinds of really simple 2nd grade questions about their own country like, 'what day is the 4th of July?' or 'who is George Washington?' or 'what does D.C. stand for?' and hardly anybody could answer them. I have put a link to one of his interviews below if anyone was interested.


Harlan Easley

How does such mediocrity rise to the top in the United States? I agree he is beyond simple with his stupidity displayed for decades.

If I was in the leadership class of China or Russia I would just sit back and let time take its course. They must have contempt for the Political leadership class of our country. Why do anything when your natural opponent will elect idiots? The natural course of being led by idiots such as Bideon or Bush II is decline in power. Evidence by China militarizing the South China Sea.

We made China wealthy by giving them 1/3 of our manufacturing base and they responded by expanding Geographically. How stupid is that? Maybe History will be kinder or maybe History will be more damning.

David Solomon

Colonel Lang,

Hopefully Biden will be forced to withdraw before too long. At the moment he seems to be the darling of the corporate centrists. I do not think this will last. For anyone who watched him "torture" Anita Hill in the Clarence Thomas hearings, the idea of this man running for President is appalling.


Besides the Ukraine scandal involving Biden's son Hunter, there's also another financial scandal in Joe Biden's past in which a brother was used instead as the conduit to enrich the family: without experience as a builder or developer, Jim Biden nevertheless became a partner in a real estate company that soon thereafter won an extremely lucrative government contract ($1.5 billion) to construct housing in Iraq. As a partner and rainmaker, Jim's profit was surely in the millions:



Biden's not the first and only profiteering pol of course, but when combined with his evident ignorance and other liabilities, his competitors in the DNC primaries have an awful lot of fodder to use against him if they so wish.


1. Let us not forget Caitlyn Caruso who, at 19, was at a University of Nevada sexual assault conference where she had spoken about her assault and "friendy Joe" placed his hand on her thigh after she spoke. I am almost 68 and I cannot remember any time when it was okay to put your hand on a woman's thigh in a public setting. By the way, she is now 22, so this was just 3 years ago. Currently he is the Democrats hope but, not for long.

2. You may not like Trump but, he is a good campaigner. He dispatched all the Republicans last time. He will not be easy to beat. Underestimating him is not a good plan.

3. Last weekend Bernie Sanders had house party events at 5,000 locations. He has money for the campaign, people on the ground, and an organization. I think he will be the Democratic candidate if the DNC is prevented from torpedoing him. He looks like he will put up a good fight and IMHO might be able to beat Trump. He is also the old time Demos/Wall Street people's worst nightmare. Socialism? It looks like we are in crazy land now, so let's have Medicare for all.

4. Pass the popcorn this is going to be interesting.




Serious trolling by Trump. Shows how good he is with memes.

The Democrats need someone who is equally or more savvy with digital media than Trump to even have a shot at competing. Like most presidential elections the winner will have to take states like Fkorida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. So far the only Democrat IMO who can challenge Trump on his vulnerabilities is Tulsi Gabbard. However, she's unlikely to get out of the starting gates as both the Democratic establishment and the corporate media will paint her as an anti-Semitic poodle of Russia. Having said that among my kids and grandkids generation I'm hearing many say that while Tulsi has no chance to win the nomination they plan to vote for her in the primary. I find this viewpoint very interesting.

Outrage Beyond

Re: How does such mediocrity rise to the top in the United States?

The answer is really quite simple. Joe Biden, and many more like him, are fully owned vassals of Wall St., Israel, the Military-Industrial Complex, and other such interests.

They provide value by doing what they're told. In return, they get plenty of "campaign contributions" (bribes) which allows them to financially overpower any potential competitors.

For the most part, this model works time and again, so that when, occasionally, some maverick like AOC slips in, it's a remarkable event.


Biden's first campaign stop was in Pittsburgh, PA, this afternoon. He was invited by the Firefighters union and appeared in Union 249 Temple a community called Lawrenceville, on a low bluff southeast of Monongahela River.

One of the dozen-or-so city police officers providing security (which was minimal) said the crowd in the hall likely numbered under 750, with perhaps a hundred more outside watching a Jumbotron.
(nb. The laissez faire security was noteworthy, especially in light of the fact that at least one of Pittsburgh's beautiful music halls recently installed security gates that patrons must pass thru on their way to hear Beethoven. )

Guesstimate that 90% of crowd white; not very many grey haired supporters, but there were several infants in carriages.

Jill Biden did warm-up for Joe -- she was pretty good. Too bad she did not mention her Italian background -- Pittsburgh still has a strong Italian community, marked by a number of Italian specialty food shops in the City's lively Strip District. Even so -- Pittsburgh's Italian neighborhood has been shamed out of its annual Columbus Day street celebration by a Black woman who lives in Polish Hill.

Joe's opening words were ". . . and against anti-semitism . . . Trump enflames . . ."
The rest of his talk was predictable.

One notable feature at the rally: vendors sold and supporters wore yellow T-shirts, pins and posters declaring, F*%k Trump.
That's Joe Biden's platform.


Biden is more of a Centrist than the other Democrat candidates which suits me just fine. He is of the age where many men were huggers and I don't think his hugs and touches were sexual. Inappropriate maybe but compared with Trump, Biden is an angel. All I want out of Biden is one term to reset the image of the Presidency. Yes Biden may be 2 years older than Trump and maybe not the smartest bulb in the lamp but he will bring calm to our foreign and domestic policy.

There is no way he would repeat Trump's attempted trick on North Korea by agreeing to pay for Wambler's medical bill and then reneging. How is he suppossed to get North Korea to agree to denuclearization when his word is no good and neither is his written agreements.

I think Trump's economy is still riding on the sugar high of a huge tax cut and a deficit generating budget. The effect of those two sugar pills will soon run it's course with nothing left to keep the economy chugging along at a high rate. If the economy dips, what does Trump have to run on? Is his war on Brown people going to be enough?

I think Trump has a good chance to win in 2020 because in the minds of 10's of millions "his sxxt don't stink", but in my mind most of the Democrats would be better and Biden would be my choice.



I will enjoy watching him crash and burn.


Correction: Lawrenceville is on South bank of Allegheny River, about 4.5 miles East of Downtown Pittsburgh and The Point -- where Allegheny and Monongahela join to form Ohio River.


for an outside observer with limited background reference your vignette of Joe Bidet has rather confirmed my worst suspicions,

considering my being outside of the American cultural orbit, could you be enticed to offer an appraisal of Tulsi Gabbard?

my initial impression is that she's made of the right stuff, am I woefully misleading myself?


Matt - I share your admiration for the lady in spite of her obligatory positions on various domestic issues, but she has no chance of gaining the nomination.

David Solomon

As will I. Crash and Burn For Biden Sounds Very Good To Me.


OB -

That certainly describes our Congressman, as far as detachment from his district voters. He does get greater campaign funds. Few political skills, no evident intellect, but he must know how to take direction adequately. Over time he has developed that glossy, well fed, better tailored, rosy sheen that seems to come to those who put down roots in D.C.'s power corridors.

Still he gets reelected, defeating obviously more able candidates, when they bother to challenge him. I have yet to meet a Republican (he is Republican) who likes or votes for him in the primary. So there must be more to it than campaign $ alone.

The Republican primary is where the choice is made in our district; even very moderate Democratic candidates, who would be Republicans on the coasts, never win. Clearly voting is a team sport for many.

There is, also, the trick of attracting/?encouraging too many challengers. In the last primary, the 5 challengers received more votes altogether than the incumbent, but he received more votes than any other individual candidate.

Name recognition? Vote counting? Gerrymandering. I suspect there are a bag of tricks and psyche levers that can be deployed to tilt towards a desired outcome. Campaign finance may be the most important, but not the only one.
In the end, voters are presented with limited information and disappointing options much of the time.


why not?


What chance of a late arrival by Hilary Clinton? Let the lightweights strut their stuff and demonstrate their appeal to minority groups, then the big centrist “uniter” is called forth from the depths of the mines of Moria as the only heavyweight who can deal with Trump.

Bill H

As will I. I suspect his crash and burn will be the most spectacular of any Democratic candidate.


It would be interesting to know your opinion on why the better candidates never have a chance of winning nominations in your country.


Paco - Nearly universal suffrage results in elections that choose people like the electorate.

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