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25 April 2019


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What did you think of the movie Beirut?

I thought it was strange that the Lebanese had an outrage party about the movie before even seeing it. (Because it was filmed in Morocco and didn't use Lebanese actors.) Fine to critique inaccuracies, but before even seeing it?

And for what it's worth, it's how I remember it from the early 80s. At least the stereotype of it during that time.


Do you really need the Buffs? Can't you hit most important areas in Southern Lebanon with naval gunfire?

(Not that I want to do this shit all over again. Don't we ever learn?)


A fly in this ointment is the fact that while the US has more hardware that it can possibly use, a lot of it is in pretty bad shape especially the air assets that have been going full out for decades. The long haul guys you listed above are probably in pretty good shape. But F-35 is unusable, F-22 would only be used for escort duty F-15,16,18 all have fairly low availability rates as far as I know. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the NATO crowd to pitch in this time.

Spares also seem to be a problem across pretty well the entire US military. Sure there is enough assets to destroy Lebanon but then what? With the Administration drooling for war with China, that is going to be hard to pull off if every thing is sitting in the repair depot. The Pentagons dream of a $200B budget increase this year is pure fantasy with the Democrats back in the House.


Stop me if I am wrong but doesn't Syria only have S-300 which is much more limited in hight and range? Also the impression I get is they are just there for show and Russia would never allow them to fire them in anger.

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