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07 January 2019


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Just a thought. You talk a lot about how the FBI doesn't link Mogilevich to many "crimes". What do you think happens when you're the boss of all bosses? You don't get caught. Or that's how you become the "boss of all bosses". Same thing with the raid at the Black and White Club. Did you ever consider he could have been tipped off by someone within the Czech Organized Crime unit, the unit found out, and that was when he intiated counteraction against the Czech police? Or that he did set the whole thing up to show he was the big boss, or to become the big boss?

I totally agree the report is flawed. Of course it is. They're not giving away the actual secrets. Doesn't mean Mogilovich isn't the big boss.

Just sayin

Dumb American



LJ, you must have hit a nerve here gauging by the types of follow up comments. Is this the next 24 hour CNN Trump scandal - Trump in bed with Russians because he sold them condos in Trump Tower? When in fact he took their money to sell them bedrooms in Trump Tower.

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