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14 January 2019


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I sent you a few liberty dollars to start the year off right.

Timothy Horn

Help an older befuddled old man who wants to send you $100. I can’t for the life of me find you on PayPal or an email adrers for you.

Richard Kithil

Cause = Effect


Richard Kithil

Ah, you again .. the lightning man. If I displease you, get lost. pl


Tomothy Horn

Upper right corner of SST is a donation button that leads to my paypal account. Thanks. pl

JM Gavin

And yet here you are...


JM Gavin And gone tomorrow? pl


It depends on what this is about. If it's mostly about rising gasoline prices, then protests could be mostly the usual north Tehran crowd. When Ahmadinejad raised gas prices before, he used the money for payments to the poor...and people really appreciated it...those people, that is, who don't have cars. Those that had cars were pretty resentful, which may be what is playing out in the protests, though the Western media loves to engage in wishful thinking about regime change.


How do I send? Also, it's gonna be loonies.


Max Donate button is at upper right hand corner of SST. Paypal does international transactions. pl

James Vanasek

Col. Lang,

Sorry for missing out on the earlier donation request. I have just sent one to you. Keep up the great work.


Done. Wish I could do more.

Account Deleted

Col. Lang

Finally managed to make a long overdue donation.

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