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30 December 2018


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The sealed case is The Federal Reserve v. The United States Corporation. The Fed Govt. is a corporation and the documents it was subpoenaed to produce would prove the federal government is not a Republic because it is bankrupt.

The Federal Reserve is a privately owned central bank which lends money to the government because it is bankrupt. So the Federal Reserve is the government's CREDITOR. Since the government can not pay back these loans, the creditor has taken ownership of the government. When a corporation is bankrupt and unable to pay back it's creditors, the creditors take ownership of the corporation and seize all its assets.

The Federal Reserve is composed of 12 member banks and one of them is JP Morgan Chase. In 1933 the government went bankrupt for the third time. The Federal Reserve is owned by international bankers whose names are concealed. These bankers took over the Federal Government and were behind the assassination of JFK because he was trying to transition away form the Federal Reserve.

The bankers who own the Federal Reserve also own other central banks such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which is the central bank for the European countries. These international bankers are the most powerful people in the entire world and have an infinite amount of money because they literally CREATE the currencies which the monetary systems are based on.

As such these bankers literally run all the government agencies, law enforcement, and the courts. So former Special Counsel Robert Mueller and former Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein understand and accept the fact that these bankers own the U.S. government and so they literally work for these bankers. Mueller and Rosenstein are attorneys who represent these international bankers who own the Federal Reserve.

So In this mystery case/Sealed v Sealed, Robert Mueller is the attorney representing the owners of the Federal Reserve/international bankers who have subpoenaed documents for the Federal Government to prove it is not a republic because they own it.

Trump states the government is a Republic so Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller set out to discredit the President who they merely perceive to be the President of a bankrupt corporation. They believe the President has no right to fire the Director of the FBI. They believe the President works for the international bankers who own the Federal Reserve and so the President only fire the Director of the FBI is these bankers agree with this.= which they did not.

So Mueller and Rosenstein launched a smear campaign against Trump, disguised as an investigation into collusion with Russia. This was designed for the media to take it and run with it which is exactly what the media did. All the politicians are terrified of Mueller and Rosenstein because they represent the most powerful and most ruthless people on the planet. This is whey Rod Rosenstein was not held in contempt of Congress and why no one would dare "interfere" with Mueller's bogus investigation.

Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein are traders and so are many other people who run the government and law enforcement agencies for the bankers. These people have all sold out the American People. The Federal Government is not part of the United States of America. The federal government is located in the district of Columbia, Washington, D.C. This is NOT part of the United States of America where the 50 states reside. Washington, D.C. is literally its own little nation state with its own laws-the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. AS such the federal government was separated from the Constitution. The Constitution only applies to the United States of America. It does not apply to any other nations and traders like Mueller and Rosenstein believe the Constriction doe snot apply to the federal government located in Washington, D.C. because it is not part of the U.S.A.

Getting back to the mystery case of Sealed v Sealed, the defendant is the federal government which is the corporation referred to as "Corporation A." The defense argues it is owned by "Country A" and the subpoena to produce the documents violates the laws of this country. The Country is the United States of America and it's laws are the Constitution which says the government is a Republic. So the defense argues it cannot produce these documents because they seek to prove the government is not a Republic. The judges all granted the subpoena in favor of Mueller because they are terrified of the bankers he represents because they assassinated JFK and other who interfere with their plans to control the United Sates government as well as the governments of other countries. Their goal is to rule the world and they seek to accomplish this by taking over the governments of all countries around the world. They do this by keeping them in debt. They have so much power and control they can cause the stock market to crash, the real estate market to crash, depressions, financial crisis, currency collapse, etc. This then forces governments to borrow money from their central banks and that causes the governments to be in debt to these bankers. Once they have control over all nations they plan to create one government for the whole world and one currency for all nations. This is referred to as a New World Order.

Once the bankers take over the government they intentionally run it into the ground so it can never pay back the money it owes. In 1933 the government went bankrupt and began to borrow money for the Federal Reserve. Since the government was bankrupt it had no collateral for the loans. As a result it had to agree to use its citizens and their property as collateral for the loans. The government entered into an agreement with these bankers to do this. As a result the courts all believe the people are in debt to these bankers because the government just gets its money by taxing the people. Since the government cannot collect enough in taxes to pay back these loans, the banks along with the government agencies and the courts all believe they can simply seize peoples' property to pay for this debt. This keeps the people under total control which is what enables the bankers to remain in power. By taking the peoples' income (IRS) to pay for the money it lends the government so the government can provide the people with what they need, the people are always working just to survive which prevent them from resisting the tyranny of the government.

This is precisely what the 2008 financial crisis was all about. The Federal Reserve and banks set people up for foreclosure in order to seize their property (homes). This is why the government and court ignored all the foreclosure fraud. They all understand the banks were just seizing peoples' home to pay the debt the federal government owes to the Federal Reserve. Trump acts as if he is restoring the Republic but there is little evidence he is able to do anything about it.

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