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04 June 2018


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William R. Cumming

Always read the book before the movie!


I certainly have no skin in the game other than the fact the GoI(India) walks a tightrope trying get ME oil and not rile up the USA over Israel. As an aside, the thehindu.com is running the wikileaks cables over India's foreign policy over Iran, Israel etc. Might be of interest to some of you here.

Coming to this Zionism stuff, the more I see the muslim bashing from the Zionists and all the other hanger ons, a few things strike out

a) Coming from casteist India where this is fairly common involving few hundred thousands in different states, the level of hate spewed in this set up of Jews/Muslims, one ethnic group is going to get nailed, hard.

b) As others have mentioned before, stolen land is just that, stolen land; any amount of rationalisations and verbiage doesn't take away the fact, this is stealing. And therefore the consequences.

c) In a bit of nihilistic irony, the media demonisation of Arabs and Muslim has been too successful. At this point, anything about Jews or Israel however outlandish is being believed in the ME. Laugh but note that that's 200M people believing 'Jews drink Muslims's babies blood' and all that jazz. Stupid fellows innit? Now try to negotiate something reasonable or rational with a elected/autocrat rep. from a muslim state. How much is the peace deal worth now? How long will the rep. last in his election or get overthrown if he is seen agreeing to a one sided deal with the 'eternal enemy'? And the propaganda seems to be targeted at a western audience while the so called peace that the jews desire is with the surrounding Arabs?

The options are limited, the stakes getting worse as the days go by. And with the political turmoil in the ME going mental, one doesn't even get to depend on the usual dictators hold the line. Stupid Mubarak couldn't even bring himself to murder 20,000 people! They don't make them like Pinochet, do they? Going soft and senile....

Adam L. Silverman

Redhand and Mr. Cumming: I would recommend the autobiography of Archbishop Graul, a Maine man, as well as the only non Jew to serve on the crew of the Exodus 47. I was briefly fortunate enough to be one of his students. I think you'll find his account of the events rather different from the fictionalized version of Leon Uris.

Roy G

Very good post and comments. What I find most important is going beyond the monolithic stereotypes; I believe that we in the US have been marinated so long in Maximalist Zionism that it is as accepted as water is to a fish. Perhaps it is scarcely less shocking to find out that there are many Jews who do not support MZ, than to find out that not all Muslims are Wahhabists bent on imposing Sharia law on the world.

AIPAC and its handmaidens, the holocaust and aliyah 'industries' follow the classic strategy of fearmongering, 'apres moi, les deluge,' and like a stern authority figure, threatens unspeakable horrors if the authority is not followed. The fact that many many Jews feel more comfortable in the US and even now Germany than Israel is a grave issue for the Zionists, who are all too willing to treat their nonconformist co-religious brethren as apostates if they fail to toe the line.

While antisemitism springs eternal to some degree, it has been used as a boogeyman to play on historical Jewish fears, as a means to power for the "Jewish state" of Israel. As is often noted, there is something wrong with a nation that wants to welcome a Dentist from LA 'home' while persecuting those who actually lived on the land. Aliyah is a horrible hypocrisy driven by demographic fears. By this, I don't mean that Jews should not be connected to Israel, but rather the mindset behind the Yad Vashem 'Passion Play.' The State of Israel has always carried the seeds of its own moral destruction to the extent that it has promoted criminal apartheid on the Palestinians, who are supposed to be content within the diaspora that the Maximal Zionists are apparently so afraid of. Not to mention the hypocrisy of scapegoating and fearmongering against all Muslims to perpetuate the Enterprise. I am not naive enough to believe that the Golden Rule is absolute, however, there comes a time when it becomes so abrogated that, per Harper, history takes its course.

 Charles I

Shanks, re

Stupid Mubarak couldn't even bring himself to murder 20,000 people!

Assad did back in the 80's so what's the question now? Is Bashir intelligent enough to murder 40,000 this round? Or sly enough to only murder few thousand?

It looks like 100 or so can trigger a revolution, or an intervention.

Sean McBride

At least three of the Republican front runners for the presidential nomination are utterly besotted Christian Zionists, yes? Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. And Newt Gingrich, who recently converted to Roman Catholism (usually not associated with Christian Zionism), nonetheless often sounds like a zealous Christian Zionist -- which would make four Republican front runners in this messianic ethno-religious nationalist camp.

How on earth did the Republican Party and American politics devolve to this state of lunacy? I would argue that Rupert Murdoch, more than any other single person, has produced this state of affairs, in close cooperation with all the leading organs of the Israel lobby, including, especially, the neocons (the Kristols and Elliott Abrams in particular).

Any disagreement on that point?

Also, when reading books by Christian Zionists (John Hagee and Mike Evans come to mind), one often notices Mossad heads lurking in the background, managing their gullible and pliable charges. For instance, try Googling:

[Mike Evans Mossad Isser Harel]

Is Christian Zionism largely a scientific psychological operation -- a psyop, in short? I think it is.


Sean, Murdoc's media outlets are certainly influential, yet the blame lies with those who have consistently avoided the effort to vote in a primary election - on both sides. These are the same people who work to avoid jury duty and then complain about jury decisions.

William R. Cumming

Thanks Professor Silverman!


{red, unfortunately, the difference between Dems and Repubs is not worth a (devalued) dime: both have been co-opted by AIPAC. David Frum's new group, NoLabels, appears to be a bid to knock out independents like Ron Paul.

In other words, as Chris Hedges has said, the political process is so broken that political activism is not the solution.


Nice article.

Question however, about this...

"I emphasize in conclusion that a sophisticated understanding of Zionism and its complexities is necessary ..."

Let's assume that most of us or some of us understand all the various reasons, delusions, desires and so forth and so on, in the Jews, Judaism, Israel, Christian Zionist.

The question again is...what do we do about it? What is it going to take to rid the US and others of this destructive Zionist cult?

How long are we going to 'talk' about it and do nothing about it?

What has to happen?
The Zionist love talk,..talk,talk,talk...to which they can reply with the ususal convoluted babble nonsense, the holocaust, victimhood etc.,ect..and while we are all talking about it, as we have done for 40 years, they continue along their way.


cal -- "What do we do about it?"

this morning's news reported that state authorities had detected radiation in my town's water supply. The markers in the radiation indicated the radiation was from Fukushima.

This is not a stretch: what we do is demand that Israel be enjoined from ANY participation in nuclear activities ANYWHERE, until Israel signs and fully complies with NPT. That will cause a lot of dominoes to have to fall.

Why should that demand be made NOW?

Because of Fukushima and STUXNET.
In a hearing chaired by Joe Lieberman on Nov 17 2010, Sen. Susan Collins said "STUXNET was created by a very well financed organization" and that "STUXNET could bring about the next 9/11."

US & Israel used STUXNET on Iran; to use Collins' words, Israel & US launched a 9/11 magnitude attack on Iran.

What if something had gone horribly awry? Experts do not know the implications of STUXNET. The US and Israel gambled with a Fukushima-like disaster in Iran.

An Israeli firm handles security monitoring at Fukushima.
What degree of confidence is it reasonable to have that a state that reserves to itself the right to assassinate whomever it will; that has spied in the past; that has nuclear weapons; that is not party to NPT, should be trusted ANYWHERE near a nuclear facility?

BDS. Starting with Israeli software and nuclear technology.

BDS Intel-Israel.

BDS every Israeli company on NASDAQ.

Call you congressman. Tell him/her you are not willing to risk serving your children Three Cups of Irradiated Tea.

Israel has got to come into compliance with international law. No more STUXNET.

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