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07 June 2018


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re "The small problem being that they're close to Iran and their neighbours don't like that one bit."

=> They are quite distinct from and have little allegiance to the 12er Shia in Iran, Lebanon and other scattered places.

There is closeness by degree, some sorts of closeness being lesser than others. I recall AQ being linked to Iraq, because one operative was hiding out in Kurdish controlled north (out of Saddam's reach and certainly without his consent, much less cooperation) - thus the two being 'linked'. So let us unduly generous and say that they were linked (if only by virtue of having put into one sentence), but close?

Point is, when the Houthis are surrounded by enemies to whom they are murthadoon. They can't be picky about their allies. So when they take Iranian aid that may be just because there is nobody else to help them. That doesn't mean they are an 'Iranian proxy'.

It's a little as with Nicaragua back in the day. They wanted to buy CAS aircraft to fight the Contras and went to iirc Italy because they wanted to buy aircraft (iirc the MB325). Point is, the US pressured Italy, and any other western governments, not to sell to the Nicaraguans, which they then didn't. So the Nicaraguans went to the Russians. To the US proof that they were dealing with Commies all the time.

Given that the US are AQ's far and preferred enemy, the US should be happy about the Houthis taking on AQ.

To the US, Iran is probably the only country with whom they have actual mutual interests as far as fighting Islamist terrorism is concerned. The US allies (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE) - Oman and Jordan being the probable exceptions - support Islamist head chopper types. The Saudis in particular think they can keep them as pets, and of late, so does Turkey.

After all, AQ is just who the US have been drone striking for what by now must be a decade or so.

If the US chose to end their hostility towards Iran, they would have snubbed the Saudis and the UAE, not to mention the Israelis, but then - who is it again that these countries have been funding for decades? And why again is Iran a problem for Israel?

Why should the US be all that interested in who the Saudis and the other Gulfies choose, to good extent motivated by tribal and religious bias, to be inferior and to be an enemy? I mean, by Wahhabi standards, who isn't? Why should the US be interested whom Israel targets as an obstacle in the way of their project of territorial expansion and to become the military hegemon in the Middle East?

I think that the US in the Middle East is on a fools errand for as long as they allow themselves to be instrumentalised to fight other people's wars for other people's animosities and ends (and I again explicitly include in that list, Israel).


It sets off my alarm bells by

(a) citing Walid Shoebat,
(b) as reporting "Obama sent a letter of appeasement to Iran’s Ayatollah"
(c) the floating headlines, particularly "the New Congress will not kill a bad nuke deal with Iran",
(d) the assertion that Iran wants
(d)(1) to annex Iraq,
(d)(2) collaborates with Turkey on removing Assad

I'd be taking every word in that article with great caution.

The beaver

@ Haralambos

Is you friend the author of the article or is he just referring this article to you?
Shoebat is like Daniel Pipes or Pam Geller and I doubt their views or opinions. They don't do due diligence when they "report" since they have a religious agenda.

William R. Cumming

Thanks P.L.


dear Colonel,
I would like to pose a question out of sheer curiosity, what came to your mind when you found out that the supposed "progressive" was marrying a 12 year old girl?


So Iran wants ISIS to topple Assad, weaken Iraq so they (Iranians) can annex Iraq and then fight ISIS in Iraq?



I had long before stopped believing what people said about themselves (emic information). So, I was not surprised. pl

Babak Makkinejad

EU is also in a fool's fool's errand in the Middle East.


Ah, in the Austrian museum of military history they showed the trophy stick with the aerial victories of WW-II ace Gordon Gollob. The inscription was, roughly: "This belonged to the Austrian pilot Gordon Gollob who served in the German Air Force during WW-II".

Probably by accident. Just like Hitler was a German who happened to be born and grown up in Austria. The country just happened to be around Germany at the time of World War II. A most peculiar coincidence.


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