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29 May 2018


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Considering Trump is a tyrant, you should better follow your own blog title: Sic Semper Tyrannis. Get rid of him.



What evidence is there that Trump is a tyrant?

Jim Ticehurst

its ...My Opinion..That the Far Left Attacks on the Articles .of United States Constitution..and Our Freedoms..the structured Objective to Fundamentally Change America..Through Political Activism that began with Financing and Organization of The Berkley Protesters in the Sixtys..into the 70s..The Frank Church Hearings that exposed many of our Agentas...Operations..Sent Teams into FBI HQ to take all the File Cabinents….to Me......That Level of Political Abuse of Power...Is Tyrrany..and the Media is supporting The Propaganda ..and giving Platform..To to Lefts revolution...Eleminating Our Checks and Balances...IS TYRRANY..Follow the Money ..

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