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04 April 2018


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If we're elevating this from a negotiation with a domestic Hispanic constituency, to a state level negotiation with the Mexican government, then we probably won't be able to strike such a grand bargain without bringing our Federal drug laws into the 21st century.

r whitman

The basic flaw in the article is the use of the term Latino. All Latinos are not the same. 70% of them are Mexican, Mexican-American or Originalist and they are quite different from Cubans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and Columbians. The illegal immigrant community is supposedly also 70% Mexican, so if you solve the Mexican problem you are more than 2/3 of the way done. Mexico generally does not want to lose these people as citizens. They provide substantial financial remittances to the Mexican economy. Vincente Fox always spoke of "regularization".

Perhaps we ought to ask for some input from the Mexican government before we go ahead with some new, complex and probably unworkable immigration law.


r whitman

"The basic flaw in the article is the use of the term Latino." Quibbling. We all know we are talking about Mexicans. That's why I concenrtated on Mexico. pl


Colonel, I assume you're being tongue-in-cheek, but this is where we're heading; a North American Federation, including Canada. What shall we call it?


Eventually, I think the only--and even before that, the best--solution to the problem can be a Union of North America. I realize that the colonel often spoke favorably of this enterprise in the past.


How to Become a Mexican Citizen - some of those elements already exist.

William R. Cumming

This week's ECONOMIST news magazine has an interesting feature article on Mexico and its present and future!



Great. We are part way there. pl



Good. Ler's see- flag design? How about adding a maple leaf to the one on the post? Name - Federation of North America or Federacion de America del Norte. pl



Si, hombre! Porque no? My vision of what this might become is San Antonio de Bejar. Lovely. pl


Mexico has dual citizenship so that country wouldn't lose anything by making their illegals US citizens.



That is why we need my program. pl


One of the real problems that seems to be ignored is income inequality in Mexico.

I myself did not realize that Mexico is actually a rich country full of poor people until last year.

Both the Mexican and the US government have failed to hold the rich and powerful in Mexico accountable much of anything, it seems to me. Until they are forced to pay sufficient taxes to support adequate government services and until they stop pointing poor Mexicans north (while expecting them to send money home), we will continue to have problems with people trying to come here anyway they can.

It is ridiculous that the US is seen as responsible for providing jobs to poor Mexicans by so many people in both countries.


When I was growing up, they made a big deal in school over the fact that people had to renounce their citizenship in other countries to become a citizen here.

I don't know when or why all this dual citizenship stuff got so prevalent but I am thinking it is not a good idea.

It comes back to the "servant of two masters" concept, which to me is pretty compelling.

What is wrong with being a permanent legal resident of a country without being a citizen when you don't want to give up citizenship in your country of origin?


Have there been any successful, mirror-image sorts of immigration policies as the kind you describe between two countries that were not roughly equal -- which of course the US and Mexico are not?

Right now the Mexican government is getting just about all it wants in what is a more or less parasitic relationship. Right now many powerful forces in the US are also getting what they want, which is a source of cheap exploitable labor. The US government is allowing the workers of both countries to be exploited.

Even with so-called comprehensive immigration reform, there are still calls for higher immigration levels from many even as we have a huge and growingly despairing pool of idle people here.

For too long we have allowed various parties to have their cake and eat it too -- enjoying the profits of exploited worker while pushing the costs onto the workers, the unemployed and the government. Taking that away will be a hard task. It is absolutely necessary if America is to remain a First World country, but it will be a real challenge to accomplish.


I care not what Mexico’s immigration policies and laws are. Irrelevant to me. Nevertheless I do care about my country’s immigration policies, laws, and especially what to do with the 11.5 unauthorized (or 'illegal') immigrants residing in the U.S. today.

The problem is neither black and white as many are prone to define it. Nor are any solutions simple. Yes, closing our borders sounds simple, and indeed helps. But they still come somehow, don’t they? More importantly, what to do with the 11.5 million already here?

Latino immigrants are like the Irish immigrants of the 19th century. Except we didn’t deport the Irish. We just conscripted them into the armies, North and South, used their women as cleaning ladies like we do with Latinas today, put them in dangerous coal mines, or digging tunnels and laying track. Our nation was lucky to have and retain Paddy, although we treated him badly.

Unauthorized immigration is a crime, yes. But how serious a crime is it? What should be the degree punishment for such a benign crime? Especially for someone who came here years ago, has worked and paid taxes – yes many undocumented immigrants have tax ID numbers and pay income tax. The IRS doesn’t care. They just like the revenue. The undocumented, although they may have been here for years still cannot even get a driver’s license legally, but they pay taxes.

Common sense tells me that we should deport our hardened criminals, rapists and murders, and keep our undocumented workers here, after they pay a fine or small sentence for their crime.

I have a number of Latinos who work for me. I do not ask for papers. I only ask for honest and hard work. And they provide in spades. And that is a big part of the problem. Employers who want cheap Latino labor and labor that can be manipulated without any repercussion from them or a union.


Okay, an outline of the maple leaf suggested by the red and white stripes inside the leaf alternated with the stripes outside the outline. The name? North American Federation.



You are waay behind the times. It is a long time since the US did not accept dual nationality. Jewish interests caused that because they wanted dual US/Israeli citizenship. As a result you can hold any number of dual citizenships here. Mexico does not allow people or corporations that are not Mexican to own property in their own name. Mexicans citizens can own propert in the US. Is that fair? Do you like this "parasitic" relationship? pl



So your solution is amnesty for illegal Mexican immigrants so that they will remain a souce of cheap labor for you, labor that cannot organize. Yes, this is much like the Irish in the 19th Century. You admit that you have decided what is an important federal law and what is not. How convenient for you. pl

The Moar You Know

The only way this is going to get "solved" with a solution that everyone likes is union. Whether it be Mexico as a 51st through 82nd state (they have 31 plus their equivalent of D.C.) or as part of a North American Union that includes Canada as well - my preferred solution, as the other would make a real mess out of the U.S. flag.

Either way, then we get to experience Mexico's joy with THEIR southern border problems of narcotics trafficking and illegal aliens (having just returned from a trip down there to Quintana Roo, they have quite the issue with illegal immigrants, just as we do!)

"We should insist on the right to own real property in Mexico on the same basis as Mexican citizens. This should apply to personal as well as commercial property."

Amen to that, I want some Baja beachfront property.

The Twisted Genius

Perhaps we can look at elements of the European Union and the Schengen Zone to see what what an "American Union" might be like.


They already gain by repatriation of US dollars earned and US taxpayers footing the education bill for the children of illegals. We should send them the bill.


So you are one of the illegal employers. Great. I wonder what laws I can break and you'll be okay with if it undercuts your business?


Or, Fédération de l'Amérique du Nord.



"We should send them the bill." Reciprocity across the border is one way to do that. pl

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