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23 April 2018


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Mark Logan

Patrick Bahzad,

Somebody should straighten out Wiki on the casualty figures. They appear credible because they cited Frieser, who also appears credible because he has written several books on the topic.


William R. Cumming

Wonderful comment and many thanks!

William R. Cumming

Respectfully P.L. I never view battle deaths and injuries as transactions!

alba etie

Patrick Bahzad,
Thank you for always furthering my understanding of current and past events, I always learn a great deal here at the SST autodiatic buffet. You could very well be rightin your belief Mrs Mitterand did not like the Mistress, but both the Mistress & the Mrs were there for the President Mitterand 's State funeral , which in my mind is still respectful , loving & supportive for the French Nation . And in a reply to your post 5 July 2015 @ 7;21 pm you might want to do the Google on Bernardo de Galvez ( as in Galveston Texas ) . Spain did actively provide regular Spanish troops down South particularly at the Siege of Pensacola & the Battle of Baton Rouge. Spain did recapture Florida from the British Empire.

Patrick Bahzad

True indeed ! I stand corrected ... Two European countries did help out, although one (Spain, as you said), just wanted to take back some lost provinces.

Patrick Bahzad

There is no official count as some of the registers have been lost. However, historians who worked on the subject came up with the credible figure of 2 000 to 2 500 French KIA, which is about 10 % of total KIA on US side.

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