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08 April 2018


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English Outsider

Move over, Babak. I'll claim the title myself. It's the only way to understand the Westminster Bubble. Dunces all, they need a fellow dunce to understand the shambles they make of whatever they put their hand to.

That's why I'm sceptical about all the theories floating around about the Skripal affair. Could well be that the Cabinet didn't know what happened any more than the rest of us. Nor did they ever feel the urge to find out. Just waded in and screwed up. It's what they do.

I'm sorry about the pets though. That might come back and bite them. Entire countries can tumble into ruin and as for double agents, they're neither here nor there. But starve a cat to death and Middle England might - it's just remotely possible - awake from its long sleep and ask what the hell is going on.



Thank you. When I read about the predicted chemical attack in Ghouta, I immediately clicked on SST and was pleased to see that comments were back. The comments make this a committee but they require a rugged moderator.

You continue to serve your nation.


Barbara Ann

I just talked to Marcus down in Costa Rica. He has used Disqus for years and that has never happened to him. pl


I am glad the comments are back. I rarely have anything serious to contribute, but there are several regulars in the comments who are very much worth reading. David H, for instance, though I confess the level of detailed knowledge he has often put much of what he has to say over my head.

Sherry Long De Mandel





Thank you for your perseverance. Feel like home again!

Sherry Long De Mandel

I forgot to say a hearty "thank you," Colonel. I have learned so much from you, your contributors and commentators since 2006. I'm also pleased to contribute whenever you



That's wonderful news!

I'm so glad ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF-pMingp6A
NOTE - this live version from 2005 was the first time Cream had performed for the public since 1968. The musicians may be a bit older but their music has gotten smoother and richer.

Ishmael Zechariah

Re #45
"Feels like 'home' again!"
Respectfully seconded.
Ishmael Zechariah


Thank you Colonel.
I had the same impression as FB Ali said in #45 - feels back home again.


Glad to see the comments back. Despite the trolls, idiots and time-wasters, the comment threads on this site are some of the best I know of. Its a lot worse elsewhere, believe me...

Now on another matter, is there truly NOONE, no leader in all the West, who is going to say NO to the mad rush for war with Russia?

Ingolf Eide

Colonel, I'm so pleased you've resurrected comments. Thank you.

English Outsider, seems Patrick Armstrong shares your view on Middle England and pets.

https://www.facebook.com/patrick.armstrong.1048/posts/1638614976214754 is this

Randy Graham

First time posting on your site but I've appreciated reading it on and off for several years-- including the comments.

At some point you should seriously consider moving your site to a Wordpress platform, which would give you a lot more options, including control over comments. You could move it so that it would include comments, images, and links as well as text. For example, this service specializes in moving typepad to WP.


You might need a web designer/tech person to help with the transfer but completely feasible and well worth your time.


What a nice surprise.
Thank you Col....I know its a lot of work to allow comments.
I will do my part by only posting if I really have something to add to the subject.


Thanks from me too for reopening the comments. I know its a bit of work to sweep out the trolls once a while but it is worth the effort.

I do not recommend to change the platform. I for one dislike Disqus and never comment on blogs there. Wordpress, with the all ad-ons, is a hassle to get running.

Typepad has now been stable for a long time and I for one will keep my blog on it unless they really screw up.

You should get a real URL for the blog and map it to this typepad blog. It is quite easy to do. It would also help with the blog later on as the URL would not change when a move occurs.


"I for one dislike Disqus" Why? pl


To yield is to demonstrate weakness.
You should grow a bushy white mustache.

Thanks for re-opening the forum.

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