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08 April 2018


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"Ceterum censeo Carthaginem delendam esse"



The Carthage suburb of Tunis is a delightful place. pl



I stand corrected:

"Ceterum censeo Damascus delendam esse"

Dave Lewis

Perhaps the UK would like to misdirect attention from their recent sabre rattling "nerve agent" poisoning which more than likely was a case of bad shrimp


Dave Lewis

Shellfish toxin? if so I am really surprised that they are alive. pl


It is indeed. Remember smoking some hooka pipes with the locals near the Dermech station back in the day. Did some 2 summers of archaeology there, so spent about 5 total months in the area. Rode horses along the beach up by La Marsa just north of there.


re: "the propaganda apparatus of the rebels, much of it supported financially by the British government's foreign ministry and delivered through MI-6"

A charitable foundation has been established in the name of the Labour MP Jo Cox who was killed by a mentally unstable person during the Brexit campaign in the UK in 2016. Labour MPs and candidates have been doing fundraising for this foundation: "The Jo Cox Foundation brings together people & organisations to fight for the fairer, kinder & more tolerant world the late Jo Cox MP believed in."

I felt like I got punched in the gut when I saw that a part of the funds raised were going to the White Helmets. "The White Helmets have used the grant to purchase eight ambulances which are now operational in Syria. They are also using our support to set up a 'Hero Fund'. This is supporting the families of over 150 White Helmets who have lost their lives carrying out life-saving humanitarian work in Syria." (https://www.jocoxfoundation.org/the-jo-cox-fund/)

The British Labour Party uses a killed MP in order to do fundraising for terrorists. They are evil beyond what I had imagined to be possible.


Anything to keep the Brexit fiasco off the front page.


I think you already understand why the UK pushes hard in this direction but it has been facinating to watch how strong this lobby has become in the UK. The leader of the Labour party now has to devote significant time on whether he is sufficiently tough on anti-semites. It is an absurdity.

I am very grateful for the chance to occasionally comment, even if my observations are generally trivial.

Fatima Manoubia

Pat, really,you seem to have come back in a mood much more likely to mine...Just i ca not disagree with you in almost anything...Do you think this will turn boring?
I also find the shellfish toxin another unbelievable alibi for the historical clumsiness of the MI6..."b" is all out with this crazy theory...that his regulars come out with these last days....
What shelfish toxin when the Skripals are being offered a new identity in the US uncer witness protection program by CIA coverage?
En fin...


re: Skripal and 'shellfish toxin'

This is a pic of folks walking around in a US VX storage facility - protect, protect, protect ...


The allegedly used Novichock is said to be "8-10 times as toxic as VX". Given how toxic VX is itself, that's sadly impressive in terms of lethality.

No doubt to sane minds VX is already SERIOUSLY BAD stuff. And Novichock is 8-10 times worse?

Anyway, it was written last week or so that the poison was applied to the doorknob of Skripal's house, where he and his daughter were poisoned by touching it. That may be so, or not - but not my point.

My point is this: With VX a droplet is toxic enough to hamstring or kill a person. According to Wiki linked sources 150 mg VX by skin contact would make a person hamstrung. 150 mg is ... basically nothing, that is, a very unhealthy little something.

VX is itself a particularly toxic nerve agent. Now, one has to place Novichock in these realms of hyper toxicity.

Novichock is said to be 8-10m times as "particularly toxic" as VX, so likely a "doplet of a drop" would suffice to hamstring or kill. What are we talking about - 15-20 mg in case of skin contact.

Bad news. But not surprising news: It has to be underlined that the point of stuff like VX is to make a soldier inable to fight quickly (or to persistently minetoxin an area) - by death or serious and very quick illness. Alas.

Now, I wonder why it was taking 4 hours until Skripal and his daughter became ill and collapsed after contracting something as very unhealthy as Novichock (or VX).

In interesting contrast, a cop who searched the Skripal house was reported to have felt sick just 15 minutes after starting to work there.

So the same hyper military developed super toxic poison sets a cop ill after 15 minutes but allow Skripal and daughter to go and have dinner to only become sick after 4 hours? Seriously?

It's an odd difference in effect, to formulate it politely. After all, Skripal maybe many things but he likely isn't, say, a magically toxin resistant White Helmet.

And just as notable is that now, three or so weeks after the posioning, Skripal and his daughter are 'doing much better'. How ... marvellous.

As one can say, if one stands and has the silly idea to piss into the wind, he'll stink, and the UK story about Russia, no! Putin, poisoning Skripal stinks a lot.

Eric Newhill

IMO, Trump is largely forced into this kind of rhetoric by the accusations and investigations of "collusion" with Russia. If he calls BS on the claims of Syrian govt chem attacks, the MSM, MI6, former US intel people turned media talking heads, etc would have him for lunch. They would all say that failure to recognize the evil that is the Assad govt, let alone failure to act, is final proof of an unholy friendship with Putin. The Borg deserves credit for this dastardly side benefit of the collusion accusations.

Are we sure that if he called the CIA or NSA watch officer that he'd get accurate intel?

Also, are we sure that Trump doesn't already have the accurate intel and is just producing the appearance of doing as the Borg demands, but has, in reality, established communications with Putin and worked out an understanding of how this game must be played at this point?

I mean thinking that with all the resources at his finger tips, Trump is going to resort to acting based on what the "lying media/ "fake news" has to say seems, to me, to be a highly improbable (and insulting to Trump) assumption.


VOA reported that Jaish al Islam used chemical weapons in Aleppo two years ago. Jaish al Islam is the group running the show in Douma. This evidently is an unimportant piece of information to the yellow press.

The Beaver


Not only the UK , now it is France ( after meeting with the UK) :

Nikki has managed to convince the French Ambassador to propose an Emergency Session at the UBSC for tomorrow.

Guess who is visiting Macron presently : MBS.

And then we have the Israelis:

Defense minister: Israel will likely have to go it alone on Syria

Something must be in that funnel for striking Syria .



Using cut-out foundations and other entities often in series is a standard way of funding a covert project. pl

Fellow Traveler

Say whatever you want about John Bolton, but he sure doesn't waste any time.

Who are the British Neocons? Never read about their connections to the Straussians/Jacksons.

Peter in Toronto

The Russians need to show some fangs this time, otherwise the Israeli agents and US state security apparatus will be staging these attacks every other week.

I'm afraid a US destroyer needs to be sunk or a V-22 Osprey FOB somewhere in Eastern Syria struck "from within ISIS territory", for reign in the bellicosity of the Anglo-Zionists. The challenge would be de-escalating.

Babak Makkinejad

With or without Trump, the political position of the Western Fortress vis a vis Russia, Iran, and China is at a cul de sac and. Furthermore, there is no positive program or suggestion proferred to these states. O submit to you these ppstures are untenable and will have to be discarded.

Harlan Easley

It is clear to me that Donald Trump is a coward and is responsible for his actions. Yes, there is a powerful force pushing for war. So what. I have complete contempt for him as a man now. And I voted for him.

Babak Makkinejad

Trump's comments today, in my opinion, exposed impotent rage. If I am correct, the United States must have been warned again by the Russian Federation against any untoward moves in Syria. My impression has been, based on reading public Internet sources, that Russia has now sufficient offensive and defensive assets to retaliate aginst attacks


If Donald Trump really believes that Assad, and Putin no less, are behind this gas attack, we have a serious problem in Mission Control. In fact, if he doesn't believe it and yet thinks that by going off like a fool on a hair trigger there is something to be gained, we have a burgeoning problem in Mission Control. I see no way this Administration, or the country, can come out the better with the Foreign Policy team Trump has put in place. Nikki Haley is beyond embarassing, a national disgrace, and Trump abides her. Every time the woman opens her mouth, she calls Trump's judgement into question in the mind of any rational person.


Peter, it's my hypothesis that the world's financial system is in dire need of a reset. Too much debt has accumulated and the game is on to find some party to blame for pricking the bubble. The powers that be don't care if it's the North Korean's, the Chinese or the Russians. Hell, Martians would suffice so long as Wall Street doesn't get the blame. Baiting another party into an action that triggers the crash is therefor the name of the game. It's even possible that those doing this do not consciously understand the motivations of their actions, not unlike an addict in the last stages of a bender.

The proper counter to this strategy is to suffer or deflect all this relatively harmless stupidity quietly until the crash eventually happens on its own, i.e. waiting for the addict to pass out from exhaustion. Time is on the side of the patient.

You do not want to see a ship or plane destroyed just to prove a point. With today's missile technology one hit can turn into hundreds on each side in minutes.


Guess it's time the Military Industrial Complex (aka Deep State) dusted off their old agitprop mantle and once again use their little girl Nurse Nayirah to their rescue. She was a great agitprop that they used to get the first Gulf War up and running full steam. What is that little Kuwaiti maiden doing today? Didn't we catch a side glimpse of her wearing a white helmet, oops my bad it was a case of mistaken identity after all.

This latest agitprop will probably recycle Nayriah once again where she will proclaim that she saw Assad's troops throwing the babies out of the incubators, like she once said the Iraqis in Kuwait did.

Trump's DHS White House adviser Thomas Bossert was flapping his gums stoking the fires of the agitprop.

Hopefully somebody will listen to the words of warning by Retd. former member of the Russian General Staff, Retd. Lieutenant-General Evgeny Buzhinsky regarding all the agitprop (Skripal UK false flag, et.al):

'Last WAR in history of MANKIND' Russia general warns world heading for COLOSSAL conflict



Dear Colonel,

Trying to suss our CIC, he seems both mercurial but easy to distract and fairly ignorant of what a president is and does (other than tweet and hold rally's and try to keep himself story number 1 on the news) - he could have made his Russian collusion problems go away on day one by declassifying whatever was needed - perhaps no one told him and he is unwilling to read or do any of his own research?

I suspect that one or more of his "trusted" advisors are amplifying MSNBC or FOX themes adding "we have to do something," and he doesn't follow the Reagan maxim for his advisors: Trust but Verify (with the IC) part.

His cabinet has far fewer adults these days.



SInk a US ship because some agent in Syria killed civilians in an obvious false flag attack? That seems like a damn dumb idea.

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