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03 March 2018


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"Why the Russians would need to do such a clumsy performance right now?"

They don't and wouldn't because they are professionals in the dark arts of statecraft.

The actual perpetrators of this and other crimes would, and most probably did, because the fear is growing in their heartless souls that the whole facade is falling apart and their just rewards should be the union of rope with a lamppost. Their panic explains the sloppiness of recent acts and the corroborating published propaganda.

As johnf states below, the more they do this BS dance the more they turn supporters and neutrals against them. While it is irritating and tiresome to deal with this day after day (twenty years ago it would take me from 30-45 minutes to read the morning paper,now 10 would be the longest if there is any quality articles), I say to them keeping on talking because your own words will eventually condemn you.


And they really expect us to believe that the Russians had him in prison for four years as a despised traitor and could have killed him quite easily at any time but instead let him be part of a prisoner exchange and then left him for years in Salisbury - conveniently close to Porton Down before suddenly deciding he's the most evil man in the universe and must be wiped out in the middle of a Home Counties shopping mall.

The Telegraph has even managed to get a direct quote "apparently": "'Traitors will kick the bucket': Vladimir Putin swore revenge on poisoned Russian spy Sergei Skripal."

This is Ming the Merciless type stuff.

Anyhow, as I said upthread the BBC does apparently manage to include a certain amount of scepticism in its coverage of this, as it did on last week's great horror story - "Corbyn is a Czech spy." Perhaps its because the Murdoch-ite James Harding has been kicked out of being Head of News at the BBC and his replacement is an old-fashioned BBC news editor who might be trying to get a bit more balance back into their coverage.


It seems certain that Skripal had many enemies, among whom were some with motivation, knowledge and experience in killing.
Craig Murray points out that the Guardian speculates "about where the nerve agent could possibly have come from – while totally failing to mention the fact that incident took place only eight miles from the largest stock of nerve agent in western Europe."
Murray also says:
I certainly hope that Skripal, his companion, and anybody else affected, recover fully from whatever has attacked them. But I moved long ago past a world view where my country are the “goodies” and Russians are the “baddies”, and instead I reached an understanding that those in power oppress the people, universally. The idea that the elaborate spy games between world intelligence agencies are a battle between right and wrong, is for the story books. They are all wrong, all part of a system where power over people is controlled for the benefit of the wealthy, and battles are over hard resources, whichever “side” you are on.




It's ironic that Putin might be the most pro-Capitalist, pro-Cosmopolitan and pro-Western leader in all of Russian history. I don't think there's ever been so little ideological difference, at least in modern times, between Russian and Western leaders.

The post-Cold War USA provides us with a rare historical example of a hegemonic power which is also a revisionist power. For it is the post-Cold War USA that has been busy toppling governments, redrawing boundaries, and rejecting old norms of international behaviour.

It is rare that the most powerful state in a system seeks to make major changes; usually the hegemons want to maintain staus quo.

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